1 for 1 Pizza Menu Prices in Canada

1 for 1 Pizza offers a wide variety of pizza options to suit every taste. For those who like to customize their pizzas, the Create Your Own Pizza option lets you choose from a variety of crusts, sauces, and toppings.

The Most Popular section features some of 1 for 1 Pizza’s bestselling pizzas, such as the 3×3 (three meat) and the 5 Specialty Topping pizza.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, the Amuse-Gueules / Appetizers and Salads sections offer a variety of starters and side dishes.

For heartier appetites, the Sous-Marins Grillés au Four / Oven-Toasted Subs and Poulet / Chicken platters are sure to satisfy.

And don’t forget dessert! 1 for 1 Pizza offers a selection of sweet treats to finish off your meal.


Create Your Own Pizza

Medium Cheese$13.80
Large Cheese$16.38
Extra Large Cheese$19.55
Small Cheese$10.65

Most Popular

Garden Salad$8.05

Amuse-Gueules / Appetizers

Croustilles Maison / Homestyle Crisps$5.50
Frites / Fries$4.40
Frites en Vrilles / Curly Fries$6.60
Frites au Patate Douce / Sweet Potato Fries$7.70
Rondelles d’Oignon / Onion Rings$6.60
Pommes de Terre en Quartier / Potato Wedges$6.60
Patates au Cheddar et Chipotle Spudz / Chipotle Cheddar Spudz$8.80
Pain à l’Ail / Garlic Bread$4.40
Pain à l’Ail avec Fromage / Garlic Bread with Cheese$5.50
Pain à l’Ail avec Fromage & Bacon / Garlic Bread with Bacon & Cheese$6.60
Choisissez Votre Quatuor / Pick Your Pack$14.30


Classic Caesar$9.13

Salades / Salads

Jardinière / Garden$7.70
César / Ceasar$7.70
César Classique / Classic Caesar$8.80
Grecque / Greek$8.80


Curly Fries$5.75
Sweet Potato Fries$7.00
Onion Rings$5.75
Potato Wedges$5.75
Zucchini Sticks$11.43
Garlic Fingers$6.81
Mozzarella Sticks$11.94
Chipotle Cheddar Spudz$7.39
Garlic Bread$3.95
Pick Your Pack$14.36
Garlic Bread with Cheese$5.44
Garlic Bread with Cheese & Bacon$6.52

Specialty Poutines

Small Chips with Poutine$8.05
Small Original Poutine$8.03
Small Curly Fries Poutine$9.53
Small Potato Wedges Poutine$9.88
Small Sweet Potato Fries Poutine$9.88
Small Chicken Fries Poutine$12.10
Two Small Original Poutines$16.07
Large Chips with Poutine$10.35
Large Original Poutine$9.96
Large Curly Fries Poutine$12.23
Large Potato Wedges Poutine$12.23
Large Sweet Potato Fries Poutine$13.18
Large Chicken Fries Poutine$15.57

Sous-Marins Grillés au Four / Oven-Toasted Subs

Sous-Marin Végétarien / Custom Veggie Sub$9.90
Sous-Marin Pizza / Pizza Sub$11.00
Bifteck / Beef Steak Sub$12.10
Poulet Cajun / Cajun Chicken$11.00
Fillet de Poisson / Fish Fillet$12.10
Poulet Cajun & Bacon / Cajun Chicken & Bacon$12.10
Morceaux de Poulet / Chicken$12.10
Morceaux de Poulet Buffalo / Buffalo Chicken$12.10
Poulet Club / Chicken Club$12.10

Pizza and Wings

Small Pizza and Eight Wings$20.07
Medium Pizza and Twelve Wings$25.94
Large Pizza and Fifteen Wings$30.50
Extra Large Pizza and Twenty Wings$40.54

Oven Toasted Subs

Custom Veggie$9.87
Philly Cheese Steak$12.16
Cajun Chicken$11.20
Fish Fillet$12.81
Cajun Chicken Bacon$12.01
Chicken Strips$12.16
Buffalo Chicken$12.16


Chicken Fries$8.05
Boneless Chicken Bites$11.71
Chicken Wings$8.54


Chicken Burger$11.06
Any Two Burgers Platter$21.83
Chicken Club Sandwich$12.44
Fish and Chips$11.77


Triple Threat$39.71
Great Canadian Classic$20.00
Crowd Pleaser$42.43
XL Special$27.00
Fan Favourite$29.00
Bock-Bock Box$17.00
Wings N Things$32.86

One Topping Specialty Pizzas

Small Classic Pepperoni$11.61
Medium Classic Pepperoni$15.12
Extra Large Classic Pepperoni$21.45
Large Classic Pepperoni$17.68
Small Ultra Thin New York Pizza$11.61
Medium Ultra Thin New York Pizza$15.12
Large Ultra Thin New York Pizza$17.68
Extra Large Ultra Thin New York Pizza$21.45



Two Topping Specialty Pizzas

Small 1 for 1 Margarita$12.59
Medium 1 for 1 Margarita$16.44
Large 1 for 1 Margarita$19.61
Extra Large 1 for 1 Margarita$23.35
Small Hawaiian$12.59
Medium Hawaiian$16.44
Large Hawaiian$19.61
Extra Large Hawaiian$23.35
Small Potato$12.59
Medium Potato$16.44
Large Potato$19.61
Extra Large Potato$23.35

Three Topping Specialty Pizzas

Small Poutine EH$13.57
Medium Poutine EH$17.77
Large Poutine EH$20.85
Extra Large Poutine EH$25.24
Small Supreme Hawaiian$13.57
Medium Supreme Hawaiian$17.77
Large Supreme Hawaiian$20.85
Extra Large Supreme Hawaiian$25.24
Small Combination$13.57
Medium Combination$17.77
Large Combination$20.85
Extra Large Combination$25.24
Small Canadian$13.57
Medium Canadian$17.77
Large Canadian$20.85
Extra Large Canadian$25.24
Small Four Seasons$13.57
Medium Four Seasons$17.77
Large Four Seasons$20.85
Extra Large Four Seasons$25.24
Small Vegetarian$13.57
Medium Vegetarian$17.77
Large Vegetarian$20.85
Extra Large Vegetarian$25.24

Four Topping Specialty Pizzas

Small Mexican$14.55
Medium Mexican$19.10
Large Mexican$22.83
Extra Large Mexican$27.14
Small Meat Lovers$14.55
Medium Meat Lovers$19.10
Large Meat Lovers$22.83
Extra Large Meat Lovers$27.14
Small Bacon Cheeseburger$14.55
Medium Bacon Cheeseburger$19.10
Large Bacon Cheeseburger$22.83
Extra Large Bacon Cheeseburger$27.14

Five Specialty Topping Pizzas

Small Deluxe$15.53
Medium Deluxe$20.41
Large Deluxe$24.43
Extra Large Deluxe$29.03
Small Veggie Lovers$15.53
Medium Veggie Lovers$20.41
Large Veggie Lovers$24.43
Extra Large Veggie Lovers$29.03

Gourmet Pizzas

Small Chicken Club$14.10
Small Chicken Bacon Ranch$14.10
Small BBQ Chicken$14.10
Small White Pizza$14.10
Small Pesto Classic$14.60
Small Steak House$15.05
Small Greek$15.05
Small Tropical Pesto$15.05
Small Supreme Gourmet$15.58
Medium Chicken Club$18.45
Medium Chicken Bacon Ranch$18.45
Medium BBQ Chicken$18.45
Medium White Pizza$18.45
Medium Pesto Classic$19.14
Medium Steak House$19.78
Medium Tropical Pesto$19.78
Medium Greek$19.78
Medium Supreme Gourmet$20.47
Large Chicken Club$22.00
Large Chicken Bacon Ranch$22.00
Large BBQ Chicken$22.00
Large White Pizza$22.00
Large Pesto Classic$22.82
Large Steak House$23.63
Large Tropical Pesto$23.63
Large Greek$23.63
Large Supreme Gourmet$24.43
Extra Large Chicken Club$26.22
Extra Large Chicken Bacon Ranch$26.22
Extra Large BBQ Chicken$26.22
Extra Large White Pizza$26.22
Extra Large Pesto Classic$27.19
Extra Large Steak House$28.11
Extra Large Tropical Pesto$28.11
Extra Large Greek$28.11
Extra Large Supreme Gourmet$29.09


Chocolate Mousse Cake$3.50
Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie$6.93

Poulet / Chicken

Frites de Poulet / Chicken Fries$9.90
Ailes de Poulet / Chicken Wings$8.80


Bottled Pop$4.06

Assiettes / Platters

Inclus frites / Includes fries
Hambourgeois / Hamburger$9.90
Hambourgeois avec Fromage / Cheeseburger$11.00
Hambourgeois au Poulet / Chicken Burger$11.00
Club Sandwich avec Poulet / Chicken Club Sandwich$12.10
Poisson & Frites / Fish & Chips$11.00

Trempettes et Sauces / Dips and sauces

Crémeuse à l’Ail / Creamy Garlic$1.20
Cheddar Chipotle /$1.20
Sauce Ail et Miel / Honey Garlic$1.20
Ranch et Jalapeno / Jalapeno Ranch$1.20
Sauce Brune / Gravy$1.20
Sauce Médium / Medium Sauce$1.20
Sauce Forte / Hot Sauce$1.20
Sauce Suicide / Suicide Sauce$1.20
Sauce Sucrée au Chili / Sweet Chili$1.20
BBQ /$1.20
Marinara /$1.20
Ranch /$1.20
Fromage Bleu / Blue Cheese$1.20
Sauce Tartare / Tartar Sauce$1.20
Mayo /$1.20
Crème Sure / Sour Cream$1.20
Sauce aux Prunes / Plum Sauce$1.20

Boissons / Drinks

Dr. Pepper$1.50
Cream Soda$1.50
Grape Crush$1.50
Orange Crush$1.50
Mountain Dew$1.50
Brisk Iced Tea /$1.50
Diet Pepsi /$1.50
Soda au Gingembre / Ginger Ale$1.50
Biere de Racine / Root Beer$1.50

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