A&W Menu Prices in Canada

Are you looking for the latest A&W menu with prices in Canada? Here is a list of all the menu items offered by this chain in Canada and their prices.

A&W is one of the best fast-food chains with a menu that features a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, fries and other items that can be customized to your liking.

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They have a variety of sauces to add to your meal if you so desire. Their root beer floats are absolutely delicious. They’re made with real ice cream mixed with vanilla soft serve and topped with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

The float comes in four different sizes: regular, large, jumbo, and extra large. The regular size is enough to fill you up if you’re not that hungry.

If you want more food though, I recommend going with the large or extra large versions – especially if you’re planning on sharing them with friends or family members because it’s just so good!

A&W Menu Prices in Canada

A&W Breakfast Individual Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
English Muffin Bacon and Egger$4.39
Bacon and Egger$4.39
English Muffin Sausage and Egger$4.39
Sausage and Egger$4.39
English Muffin Chese and Egger$3.49
Cheese and Egger$3.49
Breakfast Wrap$2.99
English Muffin Beyond Meat Sausage and Egger$5.39
Plated Classic Bacon and Eggs$5.59
All Canadian Special$7.59
Pancakes 3 Pcs$3.39

A&W Breakfast Combo Menu Prices

English Muffin Bacon and Egger$7.08
Bacon and Egger$7.08
English Muffin Sausage and Egger$7.08
Sausage and Egger$7.08
English Muffin Chese and Egger$6.18
Cheese and Egger$6.18
Breakfast Wrap$5.68
Classic Bacon and Eggs$7.89
Pancakes Combo 3 Pcs$5.69

A&W Floats and Freeze Menu Prices

Float Small$2.89
Float Regular$2.99
Float Large$3.29
Freeze Small$2.89
Freeze Regular$2.99
Freeze Large$3.29

A&W Chicken Menu Prices

Chubby Chicken Burger$6.69
BLT Chicken Burger$7.49
Chicken Strips 3 Pcs$6.69
Chicken Strips 5 Pcs$8.49
Chicken Buddy Burger$2.59
Double Chicken Buddy Burger$3.39
Chicken Wrap$2.59
Chicken Wraps 2 Pcs$4.79
Spicy Habanero Chicken Burger$6.99

A&W Beverages Menu Prices

Soft Drink Small$1.89
Soft Drink Regular$1.99
Soft Drink Large$2.19
Chocolate Regular$3.59
Vanilla Regular$3.59
Strawberry Regular$3.59

A&W Burgers Menu Prices

Teen Burger$6.69
Double Teen Burger$8.49
Mozza Burger$6.69
Bouble Mozza Burger$8.49
Chedder Bacon Uncle Burger$8.99
Mama Burger$5.29
Papa Burger$7.09
Grandpa Burger$8.89
Buddy Burger$1.99
Double Buddy Burger$2.99
Mama Cheese Burger$6.04
Papa Cheese Burger$7.84
Grandpa Cheese Burger$9.64
Buddy Cheese Burger$2.74
Double Buddy Cheese Burger$3.74

A&W Burger Combo Menu Prices

Teen Burger Combo$10.88
Double Teen Burger Combo$12.68
Mozza Burger Combo$10.88
Bouble Mozza Burger Combo$12.68
Chedder Bacon Uncle Burger Combo$13.18
Mama Burger Combo$9.48
Papa Burger Combo$11.28
Grandpa Burger Combo$13.08
Buddy Burger Combo$6.18
Double Buddy Burger Combo$7.18
Mama Cheese Burger Combo$10.23
Papa Cheese Burger Combo$12.03
Grandpa Cheese Burger Combo$13.83
Buddy Cheese Burger Combo$6.93
Double Buddy Cheese Burger Combo$7.93

A&W Chicken Combo Menu Prices

Chubby Chicken Burger Combo$10.88
BLT Chicken Burger Combo$11.68
Chicken Strips 3 Pcs Combo$10.88
Chicken Strips 5 Pcs Combo$12.68
Chicken Buddy Burger Combo$6.78
Double Chicken Buddy Burger Combo$7.78
Chicken Wrap Combo$6.78
Chicken Wraps 2 Pcs Combo$8.98
Spicy Habanero Chicken Burger Combo$11.18

A&W Beyond Meat Burger Menu Prices

Beyond Meat Burger$6.99
Beyond Meat Burger Combo$11.18

A&W Kids’ Pack Menu Prices

Baby Burger$5.09
Chicken Strips 2 Pc$6.49
Chicken Buddy Burger$6.49

A&W Sides Menu Prices

Onion Rings$4.29
Sweet Potato Fries$4.09
Small Gravy$1.49

A&W Desserts Menu Prices

Hot Apple Turnover$1.49
Polar Swirl$2.99
Soft Serve Cone$1.29