BarBurrito Menu With Prices in Canada

BarBurrito’s Canadian menu includes a variety of Mexican-inspired dishes. The Family Fiesta Kit is perfect for feeding a crowd and comes with your choice of proteins, tortillas, rice, beans, cheese, salsa, and sour cream.

For a lighter meal, try one of the Bowls or Bowl Combos. The Burritos and Burrito Combos are packed with flavour, and the Gluten-Friendly Burritos are a great option for those with gluten sensitivities.

The Quesadillas and Quesadilla Combos are other delicious choices, and the Gluten-Friendly Quesadillas are a perfect option for those with gluten sensitivities.

The Tacos and Taco Combos are perfect for satisfying your taco cravings, and the Sides are a great way to round out your meal.  And don’t forget to pair your meal with one of the delicious BarBurrito drinks!

BarBurrito Menu Canada

Bean, Cheese, and Guacamole Bowl$11.49
Northern Reaper Bowl$11.49
Mild Chicken Bowl$11.49
Spicy Chicken Bowl$11.49
Jerk Chicken Bowl$11.49
Ground Beef Bowl$11.49
Veggie Ground Bowl$11.49
Fish Bowl$11.49
Nacho Bowl$11.49
Steak Bowl$12.49
California Bowl$12.49
Bowls combos
Bean, Cheese, and Guacamole Bowl Combo$15.99
Northern Reaper Bowl Combo$15.99
Mild Chicken Bowl Combo$15.99
Spicy Chicken Bowl Combo$15.99
Jerk Chicken Bowl Combo$15.99
Ground Beef Bowl Combo$15.99
Veggie Ground Bowl Combo$15.99
Fish Bowl Combo$15.99
Nacho Bowl Combo$15.99
Steak Bowl Combo$16.99
California Bowl Combo$16.99
Bean, Cheese, and Guacamole Burrito$9.74
Northern Reaper Burrito$11.49
Mild Chicken Burrito$9.74
Spicy Chicken Burrito$9.74
Jerk Chicken Burrito$9.74
Ground Beef Burrito$9.74
Veggie Ground Burrito$9.74
Fish Burrito$9.74
Nacho Burrito$9.74
Steak Burrito$10.74
California Burrito$10.74
Family fiesta kit
Family Fiesta Kit$57.99
Bean, Cheese and Guacamole Quesadilla$11.49
Mild Chicken Quesadilla$11.49
Spicy Chicken Quesadilla$11.49
Jerk Chicken Quesadilla$11.49
Ground Beef Quesadilla$11.49
Veggie Ground Quesadilla$11.49
Steak Quesadilla$12.49
Quesadillas combos
Bean, Cheese and Guacamole Quesadilla Combo$15.99
Mild Chicken Quesadilla Combo$15.99
Spicy Chicken Quesadilla Combo$15.99
Jerk Chicken Quesadilla Combo$15.99
Ground Beef Quesadilla Combo$15.99
Veggie Ground Quesadilla Combo$15.99
Steak Quesadilla Combo$16.99
Burrito combos
Bean, Cheese, and Guacamole Burrito Combo$14.24
Northern Reaper Burrito Combo$15.99
Mild Chicken Burrito Combo$14.24
Spicy Chicken Burrito Combo$14.24
Jerk Chicken Burrito Combo$14.24
Ground Beef Burrito Combo$14.24
Veggie Ground Burrito Combo$14.24
Fish Burrito Combo$14.24
Nacho Burrito Combo$14.24
Steak Burrito Combo$15.24
California Burrito Combo$15.24
Gluten friendly burritos
Gluten-Friendly Ground Beef Burrito$12.99
Gluten-Friendly Bean, Cheese, and Guacamole Burrito$12.99
Gluten-Friendly Jerk Chicken Burrito$12.99
Gluten-Friendly Mild Chicken Burrito$12.99
Gluten-Friendly Spicy Chicken Burrito$12.99
Gluten-Friendly Steak Burrito$13.99
Gluten friendly quesadillas
Gluten-Friendly Bean, Cheese and Guacamole Quesadilla$12.99
Gluten-Friendly Mild Chicken Quesadilla$12.99
Gluten-Friendly Ground Beef Quesadilla$12.99
Gluten-Friendly Spicy Chicken Quesadilla$12.99
Gluten-Friendly Jerk Chicken Quesadilla$12.99
Gluten-Friendly Steak Quesadilla$13.99
Ground Beef Taco$8.99
Mild Chicken Taco$8.99
Spicy Chicken Taco$8.99
Jerk Chicken Tacos$8.99
Fish Taco$8.99
Veggie Ground Taco$8.99
Steak Taco$9.99
Taco combos
Ground Beef Taco Combo$13.49
Mild Chicken Taco Combo$13.49
Spicy Chicken Taco Combo$13.49
Jerk Chicken Taco Combo$13.49
Fish Taco Combo$13.49
Veggie Ground Taco Combo$13.49
Steak Taco Combo$14.49
Extreme Fries$6.99
Extreme Chips$5.99
Regular Fries$4.49
Chips Trio$6.29
Side Guacamole$3.25
Churro & Dip$2.79
Side Sauce$0.6
Bottled Water$1.99
Bottled Pop$3.29

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