Bubble Waffle Cafe Menu Prices Canada

The Bubble Waffle Cafe menu in Canada offers a wide variety of snacks, main dishes, and drinks. Appetizers include bubble tea and HK style drinks. For main dishes, the restaurant offers rice combos with drink, noodle in soup combo with drink, and dry noodle combo with drink.

Additionally, the menu features a selection of Hong Kong style drinks. Snacks and sides include popcorn chicken, french fries, and onion rings. Bubble Waffle Cafe is a Hong Kong-style cafe in Vancouver.

They have unique, delicious and healthy bubble waffles and other desserts. If you love bubble waffles, you’ll love this place! Bubble Waffle Cafe has many different kinds of bubble waffles. You can choose from the following:

Sweet Potato Bubble Waffles – These are made with sweet potatoes, real maple syrup and crunchy pecans. They’re served with ice cream or yogurt if you want to add a treat to your meal.

Strawberry Bubble Waffles – These are made with fresh strawberries and real maple syrup. They’re served with ice cream or yogurt if you want to add a treat to your meal.

Pineapple Bubble Waffles – Made with fresh pineapple chunks and real maple syrup, these are sure to be popular at your next party! They’re served with ice cream or yogurt if you want to add a treat to your meal.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream on Top of Your Bubble Waffle – If it’s vanilla bean ice cream that you like best, then this is for you! It’s made from real vanilla beans and is topped onto your bubble waffle so that it sits atop

Bubble Waffle Cafe Menu Prices Canada



Curry Fish Ball$5.58
Fish Siu Mai$5.58

Picked for you

Original Bubble Waffle$5.99

Popular Items

Boneless Hainanese Chicken with Rice Combo$13.85
9. Boneless Hainanese Chicken with Rice Combo$13.28
Salty Chicken Nuggets$7.61
26. Salty Chicken Nuggets with Rice Combo$13.28
Mixed and Match Noodle in Soup Combo$13.28
13. Boneless Hainanese Chicken with Laksa Combo$13.46

Noodle in Soup Combo with Drink

1. Beef$13.46

1-8 Noodle in Soup Combo with Drink

2. Pork$13.46
3. Chicken$13.46
4. Fish$13.29
5. Lamb$13.46
6. Seafood$13.46
7. Curry Fish Ball$13.46
8. Veggie$13.46


Taiwanese Sausage$5.73

Bubble Tea

Blueberry Milk Tea$4.99
Matcha Milk Tea$4.87
Honeydew Melon Milk Tea$4.99
Passion Fruit Milk Tea$4.74
Taro Milk Tea$4.74
Mango Slush$5.99
Watermelon Milk Tea$4.99
Mango Milk Tea$4.74
Strawberry Milk Tea$4.74
Matcha Milk Tea Slush$5.99
Passion Fruit Slush$5.99
Taro Slush$5.99
Watermelon Slush$5.99
Blueberry Slush$5.99
Honeydew Melon Slush$5.99
Strawberry Slush$5.99


Beef Noodle Soup$14.47
Pork Noodle Soup$14.47
Waffle Cake$5.21
Fish Noodle Soup$14.47
Angus Beef Dry Noodle Combo$13.62
Lamb Noodle Soup$14.47
Veggie Noodle Soup$14.47
Boneless Hainanese Chicken with Szechuan Soup Combo$14.52

Rice Combo with Drink

10. Boneless Duck Breast with Rice Combo$13.71
24. Sour and Spicy Boneless Chicken with Rice Combo$13.28
Fried Chicken Steak with Rice Combo$13.28

Noodle in Laksa Soup Combo with Drink

12. Boneless Hainanese Chicken with Chicken Soup Combo$13.46
14. Boneless Hainanese Chicken with Szechwan Soup Combo$13.27
15. Boneless Duck Breast with Chicken Soup Combo$13.71
16. Boneless Duck Breast with Laksa Combo$13.71
17. Boneless Duck Breast with Szechwan Soup Combo$13.71

Dry Noodle Combo

Mongolian Lamb Dry Noodle Combo$13.62

Dry Noodle Combo with Drink

18. Angus Beef Dry Noodle Combo$13.21
19. Pork Jowl Dry Noodle Combo$13.21
20. Mongolian Lamb Dry Noodle Combo$13.21
21. Chicken Steak Dry Noodle Combo$13.21

HK Style Drinks

Lemon Tea$3.07
Lemon Water$3.14
HK Style Milk Tea$3.28
HK Style Coffee$3.28
Almond Milk$3.23
Honey Lemon Water$3.94
HK Style Mixed Coffee Milk Tea$3.92
Iced Lemon Coke$3.66
Iced Lemon Sprite$3.81

Snacks & Side

Bubble Waffle$4.95

H.K. Style Drinks

Iced Almond Milk$3.64

Hong Kong Style Drinks

Iced Lemon 7 Up$3.67

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