Cactus Club Cafe Menu Prices in Canada

Cactus Club Cafe is one of the best premium casual restaurants in Canada. The Cactus Club Cafe experience is a combination of great food, outstanding service and sophisticated design.

The menu has been created with imaginative flair by Executive Chef Rob Feenie and includes a wide range of appetizers, entrees, desserts and wines to please every palate.

Combine this with an atmosphere that delivers style and comfort and you can see why Cactus Club Cafe is the place to be.

It was founded by Richard Jaffray who started his first restaurant in Vancouver, B.C., in 1988.

The company has grown to over 30 locations, including the United States and most recently Calgary, Alberta.

The appeal of Cactus Club Cafe has helped it become one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in British Columbia and beyond.

The company operates using a franchise model and plans to continue expanding into new areas.

Cactus Club Cafe Menu Prices in Canada

The chain is known for its fresh, high-quality food and its friendly service. The restaurants have a warm and inviting atmosphere, with a modern, upscale look and feel.

The experience is enhanced by the company’s strong commitment to community engagement.

The company’s menu features items such as salads, burgers, sandwiches, seafood dishes like salmon or tilapia served on a cedar plank with vegetables; pasta such as penne arrabbiata (spicy tomato sauce) or spaghetti alla puttanesca (tomato sauce with olives); and entree plates like chicken parmesan or steak frites (beef tenderloin).

Here are the latest Cactus Club Cafe menu prices in Canada:

Start + Share Menu

 tuna Stack$19.75
 szechuan Chicken Lettuce Wraps$21.50
 szechuan Tofu Lettuce Wraps$21.25
 mini Crispy Chicken Sandwiches$16.75
 mini Burgers$16.75
 truffle Fries$11.25
 crispy Yam Fries$11.25
 edamame (vf)$9.75
 chicken Wings$17.00
 spicy Chicken$16.25

Sushi Menu

Spicy Ahi Roll$18.50
 prawn Crunch Roll$17.50
 zen Roll (vf)$16.00

Green + Bowls Menu

 thai Green Curry (thai Green Chicken Curry)$24.50
Thai Green Curry (thai Green Prawn Curry)$26.50
 modern Bowl (grilled Chicken)$23.75
Modern Bowl (glazed Salmon)$26.25
Modern Bowl (soy Grilled Tofu (vf))$22.50
Modern Bowl (grilled Avocado (vf))$21.50
 tuna Poke Bowl$23.75
 crispy Tofu Bowl$22.50
 teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl$21.50
 vietnamese Noodle Salad *new* (rice Crusted Ocean Wise™ Ahi with Sriracha Aioli)$24.75
Vietnamese Noodle Salad *new* (grilled Lemongrass Chicken)$21.00
 raincoast Greens (raincoast Grilled Chicken)$22.75
Raincoast Greens (raincoast Grilled Salmon)$26.75
Raincoast Greens (raincoast Sautéed Prawns)$26.75
Raincoast Greens (raincoast No Protein (v))$20.25
Raincoast Greens (raincoast Double Chicken)$29.25
 cajun Chicken Caesar (grilled Cajun Chicken Caesar)$19.75
Cajun Chicken Caesar (grilled Salmon Caesar)$23.75
Cajun Chicken Caesar (sautéed Prawns Caesar)$23.75
Cajun Chicken Caesar (double Cajun Chicken Caesar)$26.25
Cajun Chicken Caesar (no Protein Caesar)$17.25

Burger + Handhelds Menu

Rob’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich (sea Salted Fries)$20.75
Rob’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich (yam Fries)$23.50
Rob’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich (truffle Fries)$23.50
Rob’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich (fresh Greens)$23.50
Rob’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich (caesar Salad)$23.50
 cajun Chicken Sandwich (sea Salted Fries)$19.75
Cajun Chicken Sandwich (fresh Greens)$22.50
Cajun Chicken Sandwich (caesar Salad)$22.50
Cajun Chicken Sandwich (yam Fries)$22.50
Cajun Chicken Sandwich (truffle Fries)$22.50
 chicken Tenders (sea Salted Fries)$17.75
Chicken Tenders (fresh Greens)$20.50
Chicken Tenders (caesar Salad)$20.50
Chicken Tenders (yam Fries)$20.50
Chicken Tenders (truffle Fries)$20.50
 the Feenie Burger (sea Salted Fries)$22.00
The Feenie Burger (yam Fries)$24.75
The Feenie Burger (truffle Fries)$24.75
The Feenie Burger (fresh Greens)$24.75
The Feenie Burger (caesar Salad)$24.75
 cheddar Bacon Burger (sea Salted Fries)$20.75
Cheddar Bacon Burger (yam Fries)$23.50
Cheddar Bacon Burger (truffle Fries)$23.50
Cheddar Bacon Burger (fresh Greens)$23.50
Cheddar Bacon Burger (caesar Salad)$23.50
 gardenburger (sea Salted Fries)$19.75
Gardenburger (yam Fries)$22.50
Gardenburger (truffle Fries)$22.50
Gardenburger (fresh Greens)$22.50
Gardenburger (caesar Salad)$22.50
 impossible Burger (sea Salted Fries (vegan-Friendly))$20.75
Impossible Burger (fresh Greens (vegetarian) )$23.50
Impossible Burger (caesar Salad )$23.50
Impossible Burger (truffle Fries (vegetarian))$23.50
Impossible Burger (yam Fries (vegetarian))$23.50

Mains Menu

Jack Daniel’s Ribs (full)$34.50
 jack Daniel’s Ribs (half)$38.75
 butternut Squash Ravioli with Prawns$32.00
 short Rib Pappardelle$26.75
 grilled Dijon Salmon$29.75
 blackened Creole Chicken$28.75
 hunter Chicken$29.50

Steak Menu

Creole Steak and Prawns (8 Oz)$43.00
 creole Steak + Prawns (12 Oz)$55.00
 creole Steak and Prawns (7 Oz Filet)$55.00
 four Mushroom Steak (8 Oz)$39.50
 four Mushroom Steak (12 Oz)$51.50
 four Mushroom Steak (7 Oz Filet)$51.50
 peppercorn Steak (8 Oz)$38.00
 peppercorn Steak (12 Oz)$50.00
 peppercorn Steak (7 Oz Filet)$50.00
 steak Frites (8 Oz)$33.00
 steak Frites (12 Oz)$45.00
 steak Frites (7 Oz Filet)$45.00
 chargrilled Steak (8 Oz)$34.00
 chargrilled Steak (12 Oz)$46.00
 chargrilled Steak (7 Oz Filet)$46.00
 millionaire’s Cut (12 Oz)$50.75
 millionaire’s Cut (7 Oz Filet)$50.75

Gluten Smart Menu

Ceviche (gf)$19.00
 tuna Stack (gf)$19.75
 truffle Fries (gf)$11.25
 crispy Yam Fries (gf)$11.25
 vietnamese Noodle Salad *new* (gf) (rice Crusted Ocean Wise™ Ahi with Sriracha Aioli)$24.75
Vietnamese Noodle Salad *new* (gf) (grilled Lemongrass Chicken)$21.00
 raincoast Greens (gf) (grilled Chicken)$22.75
Raincoast Greens (gf) (grilled Salmon)$26.75
Raincoast Greens (gf) (sautéed Prawns)$26.75
Raincoast Greens (gf) (no Protein (v))$20.25
Raincoast Greens (gf) (double Grilled Chicken)$29.25
 tuna Poke Bowl (gf)$23.75
 crispy Tofu Bowl (gf)$22.50
 modern Bowl (gf) (grilled Chicken)$23.75
Modern Bowl (gf) (grilled Salmon)$26.25
Modern Bowl (gf) (grilled Tofu (vf))$22.50
Modern Bowl (gf) (grilled Avocado (vf))$21.50
 cajun Chicken Sandwich (gf) (lettuce Bun)$20.75
Cajun Chicken Sandwich (gf) (no Bun)$19.75
Cajun Chicken Sandwich (gf) (gluten Free Bun)$21.75
Cajun Chicken Sandwich (gf) (sea Salted Fries (may Contain Gluten Due to Fryer))$19.75
Cajun Chicken Sandwich (gf) (yam Fries (may Contain Gluten Due to Fryer))$22.50
Cajun Chicken Sandwich (gf) (truffle Fries (may Contain Gluten Due to Fryer))$22.50
Cajun Chicken Sandwich (gf) (fresh Greens)$22.50
 the Feenie Burger (gf) (gluten Free Bun )$24.00
The Feenie Burger (gf) (lettuce Bun)$23.00
The Feenie Burger (gf) (no Bun)$22.00
The Feenie Burger (gf) (sea Salted Fries (may Contain Gluten Due to Fryer))$22.00
The Feenie Burger (gf) (yam Fries (may Contain Gluten Due to Fryer))$24.75
The Feenie Burger (gf) (truffle Fries (may Contain Gluten Due to Fryer))$24.75
The Feenie Burger (gf) (fresh Greens)$24.75
 cheddar Bacon Burger (gf) (gluten Free Bun )$22.75
Cheddar Bacon Burger (gf) (lettuce Bun)$21.75
Cheddar Bacon Burger (gf) (no Bun)$20.75
Cheddar Bacon Burger (gf) (sea Salted Fries (may Contain Gluten Due to Fryer))$20.75
Cheddar Bacon Burger (gf) (yam Fries (may Contain Gluten Due to Fryer))$23.50
Cheddar Bacon Burger (gf) (truffle Fries (may Contain Gluten Due to Fryer))$23.50
Cheddar Bacon Burger (gf) (fresh Greens)$23.50
 grilled Salmon (gf)$29.75
 chargrilled Steak (8 Oz) (gf)$34.00
 chargrilled Steak (12 Oz) (gf)$46.00
 chargrilled Steak (7 Oz Filet) (gf)$46.00

Desserts Menu

Apple Tart$11.25
 chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bar$11.00
 key Lime Pie$11.00
 white Chocolate Cheesecake$11.00

Plant-Based Menu

Zen Roll (vf) (plant-Based)$16.00
Edamame (vf) (plant-Based)$9.75
 crispy Yam Fries (vf)$11.25
 crispy Tofu Bowl (vf)$22.50
 modern Bowl (vf) (soy Grilled Tofu (vf))$22.50
Modern Bowl (vf) (grilled Avocado (vf))$21.50
Impossible Burger (vf) (sea Salted Fries (vegan-Friendly))$20.75
Impossible Burger (vf) (fresh Greens (vegetarian) )$23.50
Impossible Burger (vf) (caesar Salad )$23.50
Impossible Burger (vf) (truffle Fries (vegetarian))$23.50
Impossible Burger (vf) (yam Fries (vegetarian))$23.50

Cocktail at Home

The Bellini$10.25
 jalapeño Margarita$19.00
 old Fashioned$21.00
 red Wine Sangria$18.00
 moscow Mule$18.00

Red Wine

Andrew Peller Vqa Cabernet Merlot, Ontario$20.00
 monvin Cabernet, Italy$25.50
 anthonij Rupert Merlot, South Africa$30.00
 canciller Malbec, Argentina$33.00
 humberto Canale Pinot Noir, Argentina$35.25
 cline Pinot Noir, California$48.00
 william Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, California$43.00
 cliff Lede Cabernet Sauvignon, California$165.00

White Wine

Andrew Peller Vqa Chardonnay, Ontario$20.00
 monvin Pinot Grigio, Italy$25.25
 caliterra Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, Chile$26.50
 flat Rock Cellars Riesling, Ontario$34.00
 mansion House Bay Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand$39.00
 cloudfall Chardonnay, California$41.75
 domaine Bachelier Chablis, France$58.00

Sparkling and Rose Wine

Montelliana Mont Blanc, Italy$31.50
 la Belle Montagne Méditerranée, France$42.00


Bombay Gin$55.99
 crown Royal Whisky$52.00
Hendrick’s Gin$72.99
Jameson Irish Whiskey$64.00

Beer + More

White Claw Watermelon* (single)$7.75
White Claw Watermelon* (4 Pack)$20.00
 mill Street Organic Lager (single)$6.25
Mill Street Organic Lager (6 Pack)$26.25
Steam Whistle (4 Pack)$14.00
Stock and Row Cider (single)$7.25
Stock and Row Cider (6 Pack)$26.00
White Claw Mango* (single)$6.50
White Claw Mango* (4-Pack)$20.00
White Claw Black Cherry* (single)$6.50
White Claw Black Cherry* (4 Pack)$20.00

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Diet Coca-Cola$3.00
Nestea Iced Tea$3.00
 heineken 0.0$6.00
 red Bull$5.50

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