Centrale Bergham Menu Prices Canada

The menu at Centrale Bergham in Canada includes a variety of items that are sure to please any appetite. For those looking for a light meal, there are several options from the Sandwichs / Sandwiches section, including the turkey and avocado sandwich and the BLT.

For something heartier, the Burgers are a great choice, with options like the classic cheeseburger and the bacon cheddar burger.

The Kid’s Menu features kid-friendly favorites like chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese. And no meal at Centrale Bergham would be complete without one of their famous poutines.

There are also several salads available, as well as a variety of beverages. And for dessert, there is a selection of cookies, brownies, and ice cream that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Centrale Bergham Menu Prices Canada


New! Trio Berghies

Trio Berghies Classic$9.99
Trio Berghies Le Rouge$9.99
Trio Berghies Chika$9.99
Trio Berghies Le Chef$9.99
Trio Berghies Döner$9.99
Trio Berghies Cheezy$10.19


Bergham Sandwich$13.40
Maximum Sandwich$14.28
Cabanisme Sandwich$13.99
Cheezy Sandwich$12.26
Special Sandwich$13.46
Le Chef sandwich$11.26
Majestik Sandwich$14.24
Classic Sandwich$10.08
Original Sandwich$11.68
Supreme Sandwich$14.17
Le Rouge Sandwich$10.44
Chika Sandwich$10.99
Döner Sandwich$10.44
Oriental sandwich$11.24
Snap Sandwich$10.07
Mex Sandwich$8.24
Marrakech Sandwich$8.24
Buffalo Sandwich$12.12


Philly Steak Sandwich$14.58

Sandwichs / Sandwiches

Vegeta Sandwich$11.21


Double Cheese Burger$8.43
Biggie Burger$9.59
Chicken Burger$8.99
King Burger$12.64
Cheese burger$7.70
Paysan Burger$9.43
Ring Burger$9.68
Vegeta Burger$8.81
Twist Burger$10.70
Swiss Burger$8.27
Fish Burger$9.29
Junior Burger$4.65

Kid’s Menu

Kid’s Burger Menu$8.99
Kid’s Menu Nuggets$8.99


Small French Fries$3.99
Onion Rings$5.69
Chicken Nuggets$4.99
Regular French Fries$6.50

Accompagnements / Sides

Croquettes de Poulet / Chicken Croquettes$4.66
Rondelles d’oignon / Onion Rings$4.49
Frites / French Fries$3.56


Régulière poutine Philly steak / Regular Steak Small Poutine$14.66
Small Poutine$7.13
Regular Poutine$9.13
Régulière poutine le chef / Le Chef Regular Poutine$13.66
Le Rouge Small Poutine$9.99
Régulière poutine Merguez / Merguez Regular Poutine$12.99
Le Rouge Regular Poutine$12.99
Régulière poutine le Rouge / The Rouge Regular Poutine$12.66
Rouge Regular Poutine$13.59
Le Chef Small Poutine$10.99
Petite poutine Philly steak / Philly Steak Small Poutine$11.66
Le Chef Regular Poutine$13.99
Petite poutine le chef / Le Chef Small Poutine$10.66
Petite poutine merguez / Merguez Small Poutine$10.66
Philly Steak Small Poutine$12.26
Petite poutine le Rouge / Le Rouge Small Poutine$9.66
Philly Steak Regular Poutine$15.26
Merguez Small Poutine$11.26
Régulière poutine / Regular Poutine$8.49
Merguez Regular Poutine$13.54
Petite poutine / Small Poutine$6.63


Le Rouge Salad$13.99
The Chef Salad$14.99
Chika Salad$13.99
Nuggets Salad$11.99


Bottled Water$2.00

Salades / Salads

Salade le rouge / Le Rouge Salad$12.39

Boissons / Beverages

Minute Maid Orange$3.39
Bouteille d’eau / Bottled Water$2.39


Nubi Tiramisu Daim$4.39
Nubi Tiramisu Chocolate Hazelnut$4.49
Tiramisu Cappuccino$4.99
Nubi Tiramisu Tirracino$4.49
Tiramisu Daim$4.99


Beef Bacon$1.25
Cheddar Cheese$1.25
Swiss Cheese$1.25
Beef Patty$2.50
Extra Sauce$0.75
Hot Pepper$1.00
Cheese curd$2.50

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