Cobs Bread Menu Prices in Canada

Cobs Bread is the bakery division of Bakers Delight Company – one of the largest bakery franchises, manufacturers, and distributors of fresh bread and bakery snacks in Australia.

Their artisan bakers are passionate about baking fresh, delicious bread and it’s why they’re committed to making bread the old-fashioned way, with pure and simple ingredients.

Along with their signature bread, they offer different varieties of loaves each day, including traditional loaves and specialty loaves such as Ciabatta and Focaccia.

They also make delicious baked goods like hot cross buns and cinnamon buns as well as gourmet sandwich rolls.

They have an amazing range of specialty bread that features in our bakeries from time to time. These are limited edition, so if you see one you like – get in quick!

Cobs Bread Menu Prices in Canada

COBS Bread Bakeries offers a variety of delicious bread including Artisan style, Sourdough, Whole Grain, European style Crusty White, Buns & Rolls, Breakfast items, and more!

We also offer a selection of fresh-baked sweets like muffins, scones, cookies, and danishes as well as savoury items like quiches and croissants.

Croissant – Chocolate$4.5
Croissant – Ham & Cheese$4.5
Croissant – Spinach & Feta$4.5
Apple Licious$7.5
Danish – Raspberry & Custard$4
Danish – Wild Blueberry & Custard$4
Cinnamon Bun$4
Mini Cinnamon Buns – 6-Pack$9


Scone 6-Pack Variety$16
Scone – Berry & White Chocolate$2.75
Scone – Lemon Blueberry$2.75
Scone – Cinnamon$2.75
Scone – Strawberry Passion Fruit$2.75

Bun & rolls

White Dinner Roll – 6 or 12 pack$3.5
White Round Bun – 6 pack or 12 pack$4.5
Herb & Garlic Gourmet Hamburger Bun – 6 pack$6.5
Gourmet Hot Dog Bun – 6 pack$6.5
Gourmet Hamburger Bun – 6 pack$6.5
Traditional Hot Dog Bun – 6 pack$4.5
Traditional Hamburger Bun – 6 pack$4.5
Herb & Garlic Hot Dog Bun- 6 Pack$6.5

Mini pizzas

Beyond Sausage® Arrabbiata Mini Pizza$6.75
Mini Pizza – Cheese & Veggie$7
Mini Pizza – Chorizo & Prosciutto$7
Mini Pizza – Hawaiian$7
Mini Pizza – Spinach & Mushroom$7


French Baguette$4
Pull apart – Cheese$8
Apricot Delight Loaf$8
Chia White Loaf$6.5
White Loaf$5
Whole Wheat Loaf$5
Sourdough Loaf$7
Higher Fibre White Loaf$6.5
Cinnamon Loaf$6.5
Country Grain Loaf$6
Cape Seed Loaf$8
Sourdough Sunflower Flax Loaf$7
Sourdough Vienna$7


Focaccia – Italian Herb$5.5
Turkish Bread – Italian Herb$5.5


Teatime – Wild Blueberry & Custard$7.5

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