CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Menu Prices Canada

The CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice menu in Canada includes slush, seasonal milk tea, tasty milk tea, fresh milk, macchiato, Yakult, recommended milk series, chocolate, fresh tea, fruit tea and more.

Seasonal offerings may include pumpkin spice or peppermint-flavored teas. Macchiatos are made with espresso and steamed milk, while Yakult is a probiotic yogurt drink.

The recommended milk series includes options such as black sesame or taro. Chocolate flavors include matcha or green tea.

Fresh tea is made with loose-leaf tea and water, while fruit tea is made with fresh fruit and loose-leaf tea.  There are also sugar-free options available for those who are watching their calorie intake.

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Menu Prices Canada



Milk Tea Smoothie$6.60


Mango Dream$8.23


QQ Milk Tea$6.68

Milk Tea

2 Ladies$5.71
3 Guys$5.99
Coco Milk Tea$5.27
Pearl Roasted Milk Tea$5.59
Fresh Taro with Milk Tea$5.51

Tasty Milk Tea

Pearl Milk Tea$5.69
Sago Taro Milk Tea$5.50
Three Guys Milk Tea$6.77
Two Ladies Milk Tea$6.43
Taro Milk Tea$5.00
Roasted Milk Tea$5.18
Jasmine Milk Tea$5.41
Caramel Milk Tea$5.00
Pudding Milk Tea$5.60
Sago Milk Tea$5.34
Coconut Jelly Milk Tea$5.60
Red Bean Milk Tea$5.59
Matcha Milk Tea$5.23
Red Bean Matcha Milk Tea$6.19
Grass Jelly Milk Tea$5.53

Fresh Milk

Black Tea Latte$5.10
Matcha Latte$5.74
Strawberry Latte$5.57
Fresh Taro with Milk$6.18
Brown Sugar Pearl Latte$5.84

Slush & Smoothie

Passion Fruit & Mango Slush$5.10


Black Tea Macchiato$5.17
Green Tea Macchiato$5.54
Matcha Macchiato$6.31
Salty Cream Strawberry Black Tea$5.85
Chocolate Macchiato$5.61
Strawberry Black Tea Macchiato$6.05


Peach Yogurt$7.34
Grapefruit Yakult$7.32
Green Tea Yakult$6.85
Mango Yakult$6.85
Fresh Grapefruit Yakult$6.86
Lemon Yakult$6.96


Three Guys with Milk$6.18
Mango Smoothie$5.89
Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea$6.86
Brown Sugar Pearl Smoothie$8.04

Milk Series

Pearl Milk$5.13
Pearl Milk with Red Bean$5.65
Pearl Milk with Grass Jelly$5.65


Chocolate Milk Tea$5.13
Caramel Chocolate$5.14

Slush and Smoothie

Taro Slush$5.10
Chocolate Slush$5.05
Matcha Slush Macchiato$5.78
Mango Slush$5.63
Banana Chocolate Slush$6.15
Banana Pudding Smoothie$6.65
Strawberry Slush$5.82

Fresh Tea

Coco Green Tea$4.57
Coco Black Tea$4.19
Roasted Tea$4.88

Fresh Tea and Juice

Bubble Gaga$6.60
Lemon King$6.47
Grapefruit Green Tea$6.91
Passion Fruit Black Tea$4.79
Passion Fruit Green Tea$4.93
Mango Green Tea$4.81
Sago Mango Green Tea$5.34
Lemon Black Tea$5.33
Lemon Green Tea$5.33
Winter Melon Juice with Grass Jelly$5.39
Lemon Winter Melon Juice$5.83
Strawberry Black Tea$5.37

Fruit Tea

Peach Soda Pop$7.15
Peach Iced Tea$7.05
Fresh Grapefruit Green Tea$6.43
Passion Fruit Tea$4.84

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