Cora Menu Prices in Canada


Cora is a Canadian chain of breakfast and lunch restaurants that have been in business since 1987. The company was founded by Cora Tsouflidou and currently has over 100 locations across the world, with most of them being in Canada.

Cora Menu Canada locations are also found in Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia. The restaurant is known for serving up a number of different breakfast items, including omelets, French toast, pancakes, and waffles.

If you prefer meat for breakfast, then you will be pleased to know that the restaurant also offers an assortment of meats alongside their egg dishes.

These include ham, bacon, pork sausage, and turkey sausage. For lunch, the restaurant offers a variety of salads, sandwiches, and burgers. The restaurant serves French fries with most of its entrees.

Other items on the menu include soup du jour and desserts such as chocolate mousse cake and apple crumble pie à la mode. In addition to their regular menu items, the restaurant also offers a number of specials every day of the week.

These specials are available at select restaurants only, so make sure to call your local Cora Menu Canada location before going out to eat!

Cora Menu Prices in Canada

Coras has a huge selection of foods, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. They have a mixture of healthy and unhealthy food, so there really is something for everyone.

Also, they offer delivery, which makes it super easy to have your favourite meal! Here is the latest Cora menu with prices in Canada

Cora Dishes to Share Menu

The lunch favourite to share (740 – 970 Cals per serving, contains 4 portions)$49.95
Sweet’n salty French toast to share (890 Cals. per serving, contains 4 portions)$49.95
Cora classic sweet’n salty to share (1190 Cals. per serving, contains 4 portions)$49.95
Sunshine panini to share (1080 Cals. per serving, contains 4 portions)$49.95
Crêpomelette to share (1360 Cals. per serving, contains 4 portions)$49.95
For rebellious appetites to share (1300 Cals. per serving, contains 4 portions)$49.95

Skillets Menu

10 star (860 Cals.)$17.45
Theo’s (660 Cals.)$17.45
Chrorizo-ham (840 Cals.)$17.45
Western (710 Cals.)$17.45

Coras Favourite Menu

Louis the undecided (1150 Cals.)$17.25
Jo Construction (1060 Cals.)$16.25
Sunshine panini-crêpe (860 – 870 Cals.)$17.25
Gargantuan breakfast (1250 Cals.)$18.95
Cora’s Special (1100 Cals.)$16.95
Banana Blast (1060 Cals.)$15.75
Strawberry-banana pancakes (1090 Cals.)$14.25
Tasty strawberries (710 – 890 Cals.)$17.25
2 eggs, choice of accompaniment and potatoes (620 – 960 Cals.)$11.75

Eggs Menu

Cora’s Special (1100 Cals.)$16.95
Jo Construction (1060 Cals.)$16.25
Gargantuan breakfast (1250 Cals.)$18.95
1 egg, choice of accompaniment and potatoes (490 – 890 Cals.)$10.95
2 eggs, choice of accompaniment and potatoes (620 – 960 Cals.)$11.75
3 eggs, choice of accompaniment and potatoes (620 – 1020 Cals.)$12.45
1 egg with fruit (270 Cals.)$14.45
2 eggs with fruit (350 Cals.)$15.25
3 eggs with fruit (410 Cals.)$15.95

Sweet’n Salty Menu

Louis the undecided (1150 Cals.)$17.25
Rosemary’s Sunday (1190 Cals.)$17.25
Paul wants it all (970 Cals.)$17.25
Our breakfast for the Club* (1090 Cals.)$17.25

Beverages Menu

Fruit cocktail (100 – 150 Cals.)$5.45
Cora orange juice (180 Cals.)$4.95
Milk (180 Cals.)$3.95
Chocolate milk (230 Cals.)$4.25
Hot chocolate (110 Cals.)$4.05
Perrier (0 Cals.)$3.95
Bottle of water (0 Cals.)$3.05
Soy beverage (140 Cals.)$3.95
Regular coffee (0 Cals.)$3.65
Tea or herbal tea (0 Cals.)$3.95
Cappuccino (35 Cals.)$4.55
Café latte (65 Cals.)$4.55
Mochaccino (140 Cals.)$5.05
Iced coffee (60 Cals.)$4.75
Maple café latté (130 Cals.)$4.95
Iced mochaccino (150 Cals.)$5.85

Pan Cakes Menu

Strawberry-banana pancakes (1090 Cals.)$14.25
Triple chocolate pancakes (1480 Cals.)$14.25
Blueberry Fields Pancakes (1130 Cals.)$14.25
Pancakes with meat (940 – 1180 Cals.)$14.25
Pancakes with fresh fruit (890 Cals.)$15.45

Fruit Crepes Menu

Banana Blast (1060 Cals.)$15.75
April 89 with custard (740 Cals.)$16.25
April 89 with cocoa-hazelnut (960 Cals.)$17.25
Tasty strawberries (710 – 890 Cals.)$17.25

Suvoury Crepes Menu

Sunshine panini-crêpe (860 – 870 Cals.)$17.25
The boss’ favorite (1280 Cals.)$17.55
The Boss’ favorite (gluten sensitive option) (1080 Cals.)$17.55
Spinach and cheddar crêpe (900 Clas.)$16.25
Buckwheat blessing (1270 Cals.)$18.65
Crêpes with meat (1000 – 1240 Cals)$14.25
Crêpes with fresh fruit (940 Cals.)$15.45

Teen’s Favourites Menu

The Club (1360 Cals.)$18.45
Burrito crêpe (1240 Cals.)$16.25
Brunch burger (1160 Cals.)$16.25
Morning hot dogs (1030 Cals.)$11.95
Breakfast Poutine (1330 Cals.)$15.75

Savoury Omelettes Menu

Tomatoes, bacon and goat cheese omelette (630 Cals.)$16.25
Smoked salmon omelette (700 Cals.)$19.75
Western Omelette (730 Cals.)$16.45
10 star omelette (1050 Cals.)$17.75
Theo’s omelette (870 Cals.)$17.15
Spinach and cheddar omelette (760 Cals.)$15.45
Gigi Omelette (gluten sensitive option) (970 Cals.)$17.95

Crepomelettes Menu

Western-cheddar crêpomelette (1240 Cals.)$17.55
Chorizo and goat cheese crêpomelette (1150 Cals.)$17.55
Spinach and cheddar crêpomelette (1140 Cals.)$17.25

Sandwiches Menu

Tuna melt (660 Cals.)$11.15
Tuna melt with potatoes (1020 Cals.)$14.25
Tuna melt with fruit (870 Cals.)$15.95
Chicken melt (690 Cals.)$12.05
Chicken melt with potatoes (1010 Cals.)$14.95
Chicken melt with fruit (910 Cals.)$17.55
Egg salad (620 Cals.)$10.45
Egg salad with potatoes (980 Cals.)$13.15
Egg salad with fruit (870 Cals.)$15.35
Bagel and lox (500 Cals.)$15.55
Bagel and lox with potaotes (860 Cals.)$18.25
Bagel and lox with fresh fruit (750 Cals.)$19.25

Waffels Menu

Waffle with fresh fruit (1645 Cals.)$16.45
Waffle with bananas (980 – 990 Cals.)$16.25
Waffle with strawberries (710 Cals.)$17.75

French Toasts Menu

1990’s Harvest (1020 Cals.)$16.95
Strawberry avalanche (620 Cals.)$15.25
Seventh of July (1280 Cals.)$15.75
Surprise (590 – 630 Cals.)$15.75
French toast with meat (620 – 740 Cals.)$13.45
French toast with fresh fruit (630 Cals.)$15.25

Quick Bites Menu

Toast (80 – 260 Cals.)$3.25
Bagel and cream cheese (410 Cals.)$7.25
Bowl of fresh fruit (170 Cals.)$8.95
Ramekin of fruit (80 Cals.)$4.95
Potatoes (240 Cals.)$3.45
Grilled cheese sandwich with potatoes (680 Cals.)$8.25
Grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and potatoes (860 Cals.)$9.25
Egg muffin with potatoes (650 – 710 Cals.)$7.75

Fresh Fruits Menu

Yogurt Harvest Crunch (700 Cals.)$16.25
Large bowl of fresh fruit with toast (170 Cals.)$10.95
Peggy’s poached (480 Cals.)$15.45
Ode to oatmeal (510 Cals.)$11.35
Regular oatmeal (440 Cals.)$9.15

A little Extras Menu

Pure maple syrup (70 Cals.)$0.95
English cream Cora-style (150 Cals.)$3.45
Salted Caramel (440 Cals.)$4.35
Custard (160 Cals.)$2.85
Cocoa-hazelnut custard (390 Cals.)$3.25
Cocoa-hazelnut spread (850 Cals.)$4.35
Hollandaise sauce (330 Cals.)$3.25
Cheddar cheese (250 Cals.)$4.15
Brie cheese (180 Cals.)$4.15
Cottage cheese (120 Cals.)$3.65
Cream cheese (90 Cals.)$1.65
Swiss cheese (100 Cals.)$3.65
Cora-style poutine (630 Cals.)$5.45

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