Dairy Queen Menu Prices in Canada

Dairy Queen serves up more than just soft serve. The fast food chain’s menu has evolved over the years to include burgers, fries, salads, and even breakfast. The Blizzard is one of Dairy Queen’s most iconic menu items.

The frozen treat comes in a variety of flavours, including Oreos, Cookie Dough, and Mint Oreos. The Blizzard is so popular that Dairy Queen even has a dedicated day to it – Free Cone Day. Another popular menu item is the DQ Bakes!

These are warm, fresh-baked goods filled with your choice of ice cream and toppings. The most popular DQ Bakes! item is the chocolate chip cookie dough pie, but there are also cinnamon rolls and brownies available.

Dairy Queen Menu Prices in Canada

Dairy Queen Burgers Individual Menu Prices in Canada

1/4 lb. Bacon Cheese GrillBurger$3.99
1/2 lb. FlameThrower GrillBurger$5.39
1/4 lb. Mushroom Swiss GrillBurger$3.99
1/2 lb. Cheese GrillBurger$4.79
1/4 lb. Cheese GrillBurger$3.59
Original Cheeseburger$2.19
Original Double Cheeseburger$3.19
Chili Cheese Dog$2.49
Turkey BLT$4.89

Dairy Queen Chicken Individual

Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy)$3.89
Chicken Bacon Ranch$4.89
Chicken Mozzarella$4.89
Chicken Strip Basket 4 Pc$5.49
Chicken Strip Basket 6 Pc$6.89

Dairy Queen Burgers Combo

1/4 lb. Bacon Cheese GrillBurger$6.29
1/2 lb. FlameThrower GrillBurger$7.59
1/4 lb. Mushroom Swiss GrillBurger$6.19
1/2 lb. Cheese GrillBurger$6.99
1/4 lb. Cheese GrillBurger$5.79
Original Cheeseburger$4.39
Original Double Cheeseburger$5.39
Chili Cheese Dog$4.69
Turkey BLT$6.99

Dairy Queen Chicken Combo

Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy)$6.19
Chicken Bacon Ranch$6.99
Chicken Mozzarella$6.99
Chicken Strip Basket 4 Pc$6.49
Chicken Strip Basket 6 Pc$7.89

Dairy Queen Fish Menu Price

Alaskan Pacific Cod Sandwich$3.19
Alaskan Pacific Cod Sandwich Combo$5.39

Dairy Queen Lunch Menu Price

Deluxe Cheeseburger Lunch$5.00
Chicken Strip Lunch 3 Pcs$5.00
Crispy Chicken Wraps Lunch$5.00
KC BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Lunch$5.00

Dairy Queen Snack Melts Menu Price

Buffalo Chicken$1.89
Chicken Bacon BBQ$1.89
Chicken Quesadilla$1.89

Dairy Queen Kids Meals Menu Price

Chicken Strip 2 Pcs$5.49

Dairy Queen Salads Menu

Chicken BLT Salad (Crispy or Grilled)$6.19
Chicken Garden Greens Salad (Crispy or Grilled)$6.19
Side Salad$2.19

Dairy Queen Orange Julius Price

Premium Fruit Smoothie Small$2.99
Premium Fruit Smoothie Medium$3.49
Premium Fruit Smoothie Large$3.99
Julius Original Small$3.19
Julius Original Medium$3.39
Julius Original Large$3.89

Dairy Queen Soft Drinks Price

Soft Drink Small$1.79
Soft Drink Medium$1.99
Soft Drink Large$2.19

Dairy Queen Arctic Rush Menu Price

Arctic Rush Small$1.69
Arctic Rush Medium$1.99
Arctic Rush Large$2.29

Dairy Queen MooLatte Menu Price

MooLatte Small$3.49
MooLatte Medium$3.99
MooLatte Large$4.59

Dairy Queen Shakes Menu Prices

Shake Mini$2.99
Shake Small$3.29
Shake Medium$3.89
Shake Large$4.59

Dairy Queen DQ Bakes Menu Prices in Canada

Fudge Stuffed Cookie$4.19
Apple Tart$4.39
Triple Chocolate Brownie$4.39

Dairy Queen Sundaes Menu Prices in Canada

Sundae Small$2.79
Sundae Medium$3.09
Sundae Large$3.39

Dairy Queen Classic Treats Menu Prices in Canada

Peanut Buster Parfait$4.39
Banana Split$4.39
Cone Small$1.99
Cone Medium$2.39
Cone Large$2.69
Dipped Cone Small$2.39
Dipped Cone Medium$2.79
Dipped Cone Large$3.19
Waffle Cone (Plain)$3.89
Waffle Cone (Chocolate Coated)$3.89

Dairy Queen Blizzard Treats Menu Prices in Canada

Blizzard Treat Mini$2.89
Blizzard Treat Small$3.69
Blizzard Treat Medium$4.09
Blizzard Treat Large$4.69
Blizzard Treat Cone$3.89

Dairy Queen Sides Menu Prices in Canada

Chicken Wrap$1.89
Fries Regular$2.19
Fries Large$2.69
Onion Rings Regular$2.49
Onion Rings Large$2.69
Breaded Mushrooms$2.49
Poutine Regular$3.29
Poutine Large$5.99

About Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is a fast food restaurant and ice cream shop chain with locations throughout the United States and the rest of the globe. The business offers a wide range of goods, including American fast food staples, its distinctive soft-serve ice cream, and other frozen items.

The restaurant calls its meals “fan food,” not “quick food.” In the 1940s, the business began with a newly introduced dessert delight and quickly developed into a popular fast food chain. The chain has been in business for more than seventy years.

DQ® is another name for Dairy Queen. Its franchise system’s recipe for success combines industrious people who own and run restaurants with great cuisine and sweets provided at DQ locations.

The goal statement of the firm is “to create pleasant experiences for everyone who contact DQ®.” The company’s aim is to be “the world’s favorite fast service restaurant.”

The restaurant has always been a fantastic spot for families to gather together and celebrate while eating delicious meals. The restaurant’s pleased patrons have contributed to the chain’s growth. DQ is now one of the world’s largest fast food corporations.

Dairy Queen Reviews

“I’m handicapped so I always go through the drive-thru. They are always pleasant and very accommodating. When ask for lids/tops to be put on they follow-thru and are always pleasant about it.

Or if I ask for my box to be put in a bag with handles (I’m on a walker), they do it with a smile and say, “Yes ma’am.” Ellen of Alabaster, AL Via ConsumerAffairs.

“A very nice facility with good food and great soft-serve ice cream. We drive here for food and ice cream because the Girard, PA Dairy Queen has ice cream that tastes like ice milk. There is a huge difference in the quality of the soft serve… maybe you can check into this. So, we are customers of the Conneaut, Ohio Dairy Queen now and want you to know of the great place they operate. Girard, PA needs help and they need someone to get their soft serve corrected. Hope you take me seriously!”  Pat of Girard, PA Via ConsumerAffairs.

“Love DQ. Consistently good. I lived in Camas, WA for 25 years, and was always more than satisfied w/ selections, courtesy of staff, quality of products. I now live in Vancouver, WA, and have found 2 stores I frequent… both as good as the one in Camas. Even going out of town, I will look for a DQ for my weekly indulgence, and they always exceed my expectations. Can’t imagine life without DQ!” Sally of Vancouver, WA Via ConsumerAffairs.

“Dairy Queen chicken strips changed my life for the better. However, my experience with this product in Sweet Home Oregon has been better than what I have been served from other Dairy Queen locations. I visited Corvallis, Oregon and ordered a normal 6-piece chicken strip basket with ranch and it was nothing compared to what Sweet Homes Dairy Queen serves to its customers.”

“Quality: The quality is fantastic. Everything is cooked just right, and always hot and fresh as soon as you get it handed to you. Quantity: The quantity is one of the best parts about Dairy Queen’s chicken strip baskets. When I order I ask for the 6 piece basket, but in it I usually receive 7 or 8 big and juicy full sized chicken strips. It comes with a few hand fulls of salty, delicious fries, and finally a toasted piece of bread buttered to perfection, all served to you in a big red box.”

“Customer Service: The customer service is average. They aren’t always the most cheerful and eager when taking your order, but sometimes the perkiness can be a little extra anyways. The wait time on chicken strips is usually five minutes, but its well worth the wait. The employees at the window are usually kind and as quick as possible.”

“Taste: The taste is hands down the best part. The taste of everything that comes in the basket is absolutely incredible. The chicken strips are the perfect amount of crispy, and never too hot so you won’t need to worry about burning your tongue. The fries are salted just right, and never burnt. The toast is always extra buttery and toasted just how I like it.”

“Price: I believe when buying this chicken strip basket, you get more than what you pay for. The cost comes to around $7.50, but I would be willing to pay even more for this delicious meal. You can add a drink for only one dollar more, but I usually stick with water. To conclude my opinion and review on Sweet Home, Oregon’s Dairy Queen chicken strips: I very much approve. I would definitely recommend them to a friend, and think everyone should be able to enjoy the luxury that comes along in a chicken strip basket.” Ivy of Sweet Home, OR Via ConsumerAffairs.

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