Eggspectation Menu Prices Canada

The menu at Eggspectation in Canada includes a wide variety of items, from starters and appetizers to grilled flatbreads and salads. There are also a number of egg-based dishes, including omelettes and Benedict-style items.

For dessert, there are a variety of sweet options, such as crepes and pancakes. The lunch menu features a selection of sandwiches and wraps, as well as savoury crepes.

There is also a kids’ menu with a variety of familiar favourites. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Eggspectation has something to offer.

Eggspectation Menu Prices Canada



Fondue Cheeseburger$16.45
Burger Rad$16.45

Entrées et hors-d’œuvre / Starters and Appetizers

Crostini au brie et aux noix de grenoble / Brie and Walnut Crostini$12.13
Crostini au saumon sockeye fumé / Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon Crostini$13.79
Poutine classique / Classic Poutine$9.84
Poutine de Montréal / Montreal Poutine$13.10
Crab Cake Eggspectation$15.20
Tacos de crevettes / Shrimp Tacos$14.71
Tacos de poulet frit / Fried Chicken Tacos$14.71
Frites de patates douces / Sweet Potato Fries$6.20
Rondelles d’oignon / Onion Rings$6.09

Eggsecutive Burgers

Le Bbq Burger / The Bbq Burger$16.15
Burger au poulet grillé / Grilled Chicken Burger$16.28
Eggspectation Burger$16.58
The Tuna Burger$16.95
The BBQ Burger$16.43
The Big Classic$14.68
Le grand classique / The Big Classic$14.15
The Rad Burger$15.83
Grilled Chicken Burger$16.38


Cranberry Juice$4.16
Tomato Juice$3.83

From the Juice Bar

Pagé, a Tropical Paradise$6.32
Tropical Teaser$6.86
Green Light$6.76
Go Bananas$6.62
Banana Java$6.62
Freshly Hand Squeezed Orange Juice$5.22
Freshly Hand Squeezed Grapefruit Juice$4.43
Apple Juice$4.11
Chocolate Milk$3.91
Soft Drinks$3.18
Iced Tea$3.34

Grilled Flatbreads

Bacon & Eggs$13.95
Simple & Good$13.95
Vegetable Solo$13.95
Piri Piri Shrimp$17.95

Salades de caractère / The Right Saladitude

Salade californienne / Californian Salad$17.96
Salade Grecque rustique / Rustic Greek Salad$15.45
Salade cobb / Cobb Salad$18.81
Salade niçoise / Nicoise Salad$17.20
Salade de poulet tropicale / Tropical Chicken Salad$17.32

Eggstraordinary Pasta

Mac & Cheese$14.24
Cajun Pasta$18.95
Bacon Mac and Cheese$15.48
Lobster Mac and Cheese$24.95
Chicken Arugula Pasta$16.70
Shrimp Pasta$19.95

Préférés / Great Eggspectations

Crêpes superposées / High Rise Pancakes$16.96
Bagel au saumon fumé / Bagel with Smoked Salmon$18.70
Poutine déjeuner / Breakfast Poutine$14.07
Gaufres au poulet / Chicken Waffles$17.36

Great Eggspectations

Yolk Around The Clock$15.22
Bagel & Lox Sandwich$18.38
Breakfast Poutine$14.48
High Rise Pancakes$16.25
Chicken ‘n Waffles$17.96

Sweet Conclusions

Strawberry ‘n Salted Caramel Waffles$15.18
Strawberry Blonde$10.20
Chocolate Banana Crepe$12.14
Banana Split Waffle Ice Cream$14.95
Banana Forest Waffle$12.95
French Vanilla Sheet Toast$13.95
Crepe Suzette$11.83

Benedict and Beyond

Classic Benedict$14.96
Crab Cake Benedict$19.51

Bénédictine et bien plus / Benedict and Beyond

Crab cake bénédictine / Crab Cake Benedictine$20.16
Œufs blackstone / Blackstone Eggs$17.29
Œufs florentine / Florentine Eggs$14.81

Benedict & Beyond

Smoked Salmon Benny$18.29
Montreal Benny$17.09
Lobster Benny$25.15
Blackstone Eggs$17.07
California Dreaming$15.95
Eggs Florentine$15.54
Waffle Bacon Benedict$17.96

Matins dorés / Gold Mornings

Pain doré des campeurs / S’mores French Toast$14.96
Pain doré flambé / Flambe French Toast$16.79
Crêpes aux pépites de chocolat et aux bleuets / Pancakes with Chocolate Chips and Blueberries$14.95
Crêpes au chocolat et aux arachides reese / Chocolate and Peanut Pancakes Reese$15.62
Gaufres au caramel salé aux poires et au bacon / Salted Caramel Waffles with Pears and Bacon$15.78
Gaufres au caramel et aux fraises / Caramel and Strawberry Waffles$14.95
Gaufres banane split / Waffles Banana Split$17.13

Les classiques / The Classics

Eggspectation est le brunch restaurant original de Montréal. Les gens se rencontrent et mangent dans des restaurants d’aubergines depuis 1993 ! Nous utilisons des oeufs de poule, du lard fumé à l’érable et du jambon fumé. / Eggspectation is the original Montreal brunch restaurant. People have been meeting and eating at eggspectation restaurants since 1993! We use free run eggs, maple smoked bacon and smoked ham.
Cabane à sucre / Sugar Shack$15.95
Déjeuner parfait / Breakfast Parfait$10.95
Bagel Déjeuner Eggspectation / Eggspectation Bagel Breakfast Sandwich$14.46

Gold Morning

Crêpe Bretonne$13.70
Strawberry and Salted Caramel Waffles$14.95
Blueberry Pancakes$12.95
The All Time Classics$12.58

The Classics

The Classic$12.30
Sugar Shack$16.65
The Montrealer$15.11
The All-American$15.28
Breakfast Parfait$11.21
Eggspectation Bagel Breakfast Sandwich$13.84

A La Carte

Bagel avec fromage à la crème Philadelphia / Bagel with Cream Cheese Philadelphia$6.26
Turkey Bacon$4.94
Hollandaise Sauce$2.37
Pork Bacon$4.62
Coupe de fruits / Fruit Cup$6.12
Smoked Ham$4.66
Saumon fumé / Smoked Salmon$7.95
Viande fumée / Smoked Meat$6.15
Cheddar Cheese$3.17
Swiss Cheese$3.18
Philadelphia Cream Cheese$3.62
French Toast$7.33
Gruyere Cheese$4.12
Pain grillé / Toasted Bread$2.55
Pain bagel / Bagel Bread$2.65
Provolone Cheese$4.12
Greek Feta Cheese$4.08
Demi-pamplemousse / Half Grapefruit$2.50
Lyonnaise-Style Potatoes$3.88
Pommes de terre à la lyonnaise / Lyonnaise Potatoes$3.80
Yogourt Grec et miel / Greek Yogurt and Honey$6.95
Brie Cheese$4.08
Goat Cheese$4.12
Sirop d’érable canadien pur / Pure Canadian Maple Syrup$2.55
Fèves au lard et à l’érable / Baked Beans and Maple Beans$2.95
Smoked Meat$6.76
Bagel with Philadelphia Cream Cheese$5.63
Fruit Cup$5.79
Smoked Salmon$8.03
Quarter-pound Lobster Meat$11.95
Free Run Egg$1.85
Mixed Grains$3.64
100% Maple Syrup$2.28
Half a Grapefruit$2.63
Maple-Kissed Baked Beans$2.74
Lyonnaise Style Breakfast Potatoes$3.25
Maple Syrup$2.59
Extra Pancake$4.19
Extra French Toast$4.19

Omelettes Eggcetera

Omelette au homard / Lobster Omelette$25.40
Southwest Sunrise Omelette$16.79
Mykonos Omelette$15.50
Lobster Omelette$25.32
Omelette végé / Veggie Omelette$15.29
Southwest Sunrise$15.38
Cheddar and Mushroom Omelette$15.35
Eggspectation Omelette$16.20
Omelette du sud-ouest / Southwest Omelette$16.20
Omelette Montréalaise / Montreal Omelette$16.08
Meat Lovers Omelette$16.22
Montrealer Omelette$16.29
Omelette Cheddar et champignons / Cheddar and Mushroom Omelette$14.75
Cheddar ‘n Mushroom Omelette$14.96
Veggie Omelette$15.44

Le déjeuner entre bonnes mains / Lunch in Good Hands

Le classique / The Classic$9.78
Parfait déjeuner / Perfect Lunch$11.45
Bagel déjeuner eggspectation / Bagel Lunch Eggspectation$14.70
Le Montréalais / The Montrealer$13.84

Gold Morning!

S’mores French Toast$15.54
Pancakes Pagé$7.97
Reese’s Pb Chocolate Pancakes$15.62
Pears, Bacon & Maple Salted Caramel Waffles$15.12
French Toast Flambe$16.96
Banana Split Waffles$16.51
Buttermilk Pancakes$13.16

Starters & Small Dishes

Delicious, innovative starters and snacks for every taste and appetite.
Brie & Walnut Crostini$11.99
Shrimp Tacos$14.76

Entrées & Petits Plats / Starters & Small Dishes

Delicious, innovative starters and snacks for every taste and appetite.
Eggspectation’s Original Crab Cake$15.38

Des douceurs pour la faim / Sweets for Hunger

Crêpe suzette / Suzette Crepe$10.70
Crêpe choco-banane / Chocolate and Banana Crepe$12.20
Pain doré des campeurs / Campers French Toast$15.45

L’ardoise des sandwiches / Slate Sandwiches

Sandwich le BLT Supréme / The BLT Supreme Sandwich$14.20
Sandwich le classique au thon / The Tuna Classic Sandwich$13.95
Sandwich gaufre au fromage / Cheese Waffle Sandwich$13.45

Crêpes bretonnes savoureuses / Tasty Breton Pancakes

Rêve végétarien / Vegetarian Dream$15.76
Crêpe méditerranéenne / Mediterranean Crepe$15.38
Crêpe du paradis / Crepe of Paradise$15.95

The Sandwich Board

Here’s no messing with tradition here – these are straight-up, hard-hitting appetite busters that will have you coming back for more.
Steak Sandwich$20.15
The Ultimate BLT$14.44
Waffle Grilled Cheese$12.95
Montreal Panini$14.36
Rosemary Chicken Sandwich$15.59
Avocado Toast$16.70
Club Sandwich$17.49

Starters and Small Dishes

Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon Crostini$13.76
Montreal Poutine$12.50
Sweet Potato Fries$6.13
Piri Piri Chicken Wings$12.95
Tuna Tacos$13.95
Onion Rings$6.15
Classic Poutine$10.82

Crêpes salées / Savoury Crepes

Une délicieuse soupçon de sauce au fromage crémeuse ajoute une touche personnelle à ce plat français fait maison. Un choix parfait – matin, midi et soir! Servi avec une salade verte mixte. / A delicious dash of creamy cheese sauce adds a personal touch to this homemade french favourite. A perfect choice – morning, noon and night! Served with a mixed field green salad.
Crêpe Sunny Lesvos / Sunny Lesvos Crepe$15.66

The Right Saladitude

Tropical Chicken Salad$17.45
Cobb Salad$18.00
Californian Salad$18.23
Greek Country-Style Salad$15.57
Bayou Caesar Salad$12.95
Nicoise Salad$17.20

L’événement principal / The Main Event

Crab Cake$19.28
Saumon grillé / Grilled Salmon$20.09
Poulet parmigiana / Parmigiana Chicken$18.62

Savoury Crepes

Tex Mex Crepe$19.95
Eggspectation Crepe$16.98
Veggie Dream Crepe$15.57
Heavenly Crepe$16.50
Sunny Lesvos Crepe$15.83

Eggstraordinary Pastas

Classic pasta dishes with an added twist. You have to try them to believe them! All our pasta dishes can be prepared with gluten-free penne pasta.
Lobster & Shrimp Tagliatelle$24.95

Pâtes eggstraordinaires / Pasta Eggstraordinary

Macaroni au fromage / Mac and Cheese$13.67
Macaroni au fromage et bacon / Bacon Mac and Cheese$16.13
Macaroni au fromage et homard / Macaroni with Cheese and Lobster$25.36
Pâtes au poulet et à la roquette / Pasta with Chicken and Arugula$16.45
Pâtes aux crevettes / Shrimp Pasta$19.95
Pâtes florentines / Florentine Pasta$16.45

The Main Event

Steak Frites$25.54
Grilled Salmon$19.45
Chicken Parmigiana$19.06
Filet Mignon & Lobster Bearnaise$29.95
Old Bay Crab Cake$18.66

Breuvages / Beverages

Jus de pamplemousse fraîchement pressé / Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice$5.46

Jus / Juice

Jus de pomme / Apple Juice$4.21
Jus de canneberge / Cranberry Juice$4.21
Jus de tomate / Tomato Juice$4.21
Lait au chocolat / Chocolate Milk$3.95
Jus d’orange fraîchement pressé / Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice$5.24
Lait / Milk$2.96
Boisson gazeuse / Soft Drink$2.95
Thé glacé / Iced Tea$2.96


Eau gazéifiée 500 ml san pellegrino / Sparkling Water 500 mL San Pellegrino$3.50

Picked for you

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice$5.71

Le bar à jus / From The Juice Bar

Complètement banane / Go Bananas$6.46
Tentation tropicale / Tropical Teaser$6.36
Banane java / Banana Java$6.39
Feu vert / Green Light$6.13

Le bar à espresso / The Espresso Bar

Espresso Doppio$4.25
Cappuccino glacé / Iced Cappuccino$5.09
Chocolat chaud / Hot Chocolate$3.95


We offer a variety of loose leaf teas for you to explore and experiment. Served with honey or lemon. Sip and savour the moment.
Green Tea$3.20
Bombai Chai$2.95

Du bar à jus / From the Juice Bar

Nous pressons nos jus d’orange et de pamplemousse frais tous les jours sur place, et nos fameux smoothies sont mélangés en maison avec de vrais fruits et baies pour un goût frais fait maison ! / We fresh squeeze our orange and grapefruit juices on the premises every day, and our famous smoothies are blended in house with real fruit and berries for a fresh homemade taste!
Pb & J$6.20

Bar à Expresso / Espresso Bar

Chez eggspectation, notre café au goutte-à-goutte est torréfié sur mesure avec des grains d’arabica de haute qualité. Notre café espresso est torréfié et préparé selon une recette artisanale italienne traditionnelle. Parce que nous croyons en la tradition. Capisce ? / At eggspectation, our drip coffee is custom-roasted using high-quality arabica beans. Our espresso coffee is roasted and prepared using a traditional Italian artisanal recipe. Because we believe in tradition. Capisce?
Caffé Mochaccino$5.06

Espresso Bar

At eggspectation, our drip coffee is custom-roasted using high-quality arabica beans. Our espresso coffee is roasted and prepared using a traditional Italian artisanal recipe. Because we believe in tradition. Capisce?
Caffé Americano$3.94
Espresso Macchiato$3.95
Iced Cappuccino$5.04
Café Au Lait$4.45
Hot Chocolate$4.01

T Bar

Nous vous proposons une variété de thés à explorer et à expérimenter. Servi avec du miel ou du citron. Sirotez et savourez l’instant présent. / We offer a variety of teas for you to explore and experiment. Served with honey or lemon. Sip and savour the moment.
English Breakfast$3.15
English Breakfast Decaf$2.95

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