Fat Bastard Burrito Menu Prices Canada

The Fat Bastard Burrito Company is a chain of restaurants that specializes in Mexican-inspired cuisine. The menu includes a wide variety of items, including quesadillas, tacos, waffle fries, and burritos.

There are also several “picked for you” items, which are combinations of popular menu items. The restaurant also offers a selection of vegetarian and vegan options.

The most popular item on the menu is the “Huge Burrito,” which is a large burrito filled with meat, cheese, and vegetables. Other popular items include the “Classic Burrito,” which is a traditional burrito with beans and rice, and the “Fusion Burrito,” which is a burrito with a fusion of Mexican and Asian flavors.

The “Naked Burrito Bowl” is also a popular choice, as it is a healthier option that does not include tortilla wrap. In addition to these main items, the restaurant also offers a selection of sides and beverages.

Fat Bastard Burrito Menu Prices Canada



Baked Chicken Quesadilla [560 Calories]$11.48
Cheese Quesadilla [550 Calories]$11.48
Fusion Chicken Quesadilla [550 – 620 Cals]$15.93
BBQ Pulled Pork Quesadilla [590 Calories]$11.48
Ground Beef Quesadilla [650 Calories]$11.48
Sautéed Veggie Quesadilla [390 Calories]$11.48
Steak Quesadilla [710 Cals]$15.89


Fish Taco [960 Calories]$14.09
Ground Beef Taco$13.27
Ground Beef Taco [680 Calories]$13.55
Tequila Lime Chicken Taco$13.27
Tequila Lime Chicken Taco [830 Calories]$13.91
BBQ Pulled Pork Taco$13.27
BBQ Pulled Pork Taco [710 Calories]$13.55
Shrimp Taco [530 Calories]$15.47
Veggie Tacos [615 Calories]$14.22

Waffle Fries

Waffle Fries [708 Cals]$7.73
Loaded Waffle Fries [662 Cals]$10.23
Loaded Nashville Waffle Fries [1068 Cals]$12.72
Loaded BBQ Pulled Pork Waffle Fries [803 Cals]$12.73
Loaded Ground Beef Waffle Fries [944 Cals]$12.73

Picked for you

Big BBQ Pulled Pork$13.25

Vegetarian Burritos

Sautéed Veggie$11.00

Classic Burritos

Baked Chicken$11.34
BBQ Pulled Pork$12.29
Sweet Potato$11.00
Bean & Cheese$11.00

Most Popular

Big Baked Chicken$12.86
Big Baked Pulled Pork$11.87
Big Sweet Potato$12.36
Fish Tacos$13.11
Ground Beef Quesadilla$11.75
Fish Taco$13.58

Huge Burritos

Pulled Pork$13.69

Popular Items

Ground Beef$12.15

Specialty Burritos

Battered Fish$12.50
Roasted Steak$12.50
Sautéed Shrimp$12.50
Organic Tofu Sweet and Spicy$12.57

Fusion Burritos

Buffalo Chicken$12.50
Baja Chipotle Chicken$12.60
Tequila Lime Chicken$12.50
Butter Chicken$12.50
Sweet Chili Thai Chicken$12.50
Pad Thai Chicken$11.73
Jerk Chicken$12.50
Nashville Chicken$13.57
Curry Chicken$13.19
Curry Chicken Burrito$11.73

Naked Burrito Bowls

Naked Baked Chicken$11.48
Naked BBQ Pulled Pork$11.48
Naked Ground Beef$11.48
Naked Sweet Potato$11.48
Naked Bean & Cheese$11.48
Naked Sautéed Veggie$11.48
Naked Roasted Steak$12.74
Naked Buffalo Chicken$12.74
Naked Tequila Lime Chicken$12.74
Naked Butter Chicken$12.74
Naked Battered Fish$12.72
Naked Baja Chipotle Chicken$12.74
Naked Sweet Chili Thai Chicken$12.74
Naked Sautéed Shrimp$12.74
Naked Curry Chicken$12.74
Naked Pad Thai Chicken$12.74
Naked Jerk Chicken$12.74


Cheesecake Burrito$6.24
Chips and Guacamole$6.54
Chips and Salsa$5.08
Deep Fried Mars Bar$5.26
Fat Bastard Hot Sauce Bottle$11.25
Fat Bastard Burrito Hot Sauce$14.99
Dried Ghost Peppers$7.65
Fresh Cinnamon Churro Chips$3.74


Diet Coke$2.00
Coke Zero$1.99
Flow Water$2.99
Tropical Delight Guava$3.24
Barq’s Root Beer$2.00
Ginger Ale$1.99
Tropical Delight Strawberry & Banana Juice$3.23
Tropical Delight Mango Nectar$3.23
Tropical Delight Orange Juice$2.99
Zaros Sparkling Water$3.34
Tropical Guava Nectar$3.22
Bottled Water$2.67
Chocolate Milk$3.27
Imported Mexican Coke$5.23
Tropical Guava Juice$3.65
Jumex Guava$3.24
Flow Alkaline Water$3.42
Flow Alkaline Water – Blackberry and Hibiscus$3.43
Flow Alkaline Water – Strawberry$3.41
Naya Bottled Water$1.92
Tropical Mango Nectar$3.52
Monster Energy$4.99
Tropical Strawberry Banana Nectar$3.52
Diet Monster Energy$4.99
Tropical Orange Juice$3.24

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