Gong Cha Menu Prices Canada

Gong Cha is a popular bubble tea chain that started in Taiwan and has since spread to countries all over the world, including Canada. The menu at Gong Cha Canada features a wide variety of bubble tea drinks, as well as some snacks and light meals.

Bubble tea includes both fruit- and tea-based drinks, and can be ordered with or without tapioca pearls. Milk tea, green tea, and Earl Grey tea are all popular choices, and there are also several fruit-flavoured options, such as mango and lychee.

For those who are after something little different, Gong Cha also offers a selection of slushies and fresh fruit teas. In addition to bubble tea, Gong Cha Canada also offers a small selection of food items, such as chicken wraps and rice bowls.

Gong Cha Menu Prices Canada

Here are the latest Gong Cha Canada menu prices:


Most Popular

Taro Milk with Red Bean$5.60
Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3 J$5.77
Brown Sugar Oolong Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly$5.86


Royal Milk Tea with Pearl$5.23

Milk Foam Tea

Milk Foam Roselle Drink$4.99


Coffee Frappe$5.60
Matcha Smoothie$5.91
Caramel Frappe$5.59
Chocolate Smoothie$5.57
Strawberry Smoothie$5.99
Taro Smoothie$5.83
Lychee Smoothie$5.98
Honeydew Smoothie$6.08
Passionfruit smoothie$5.68
Peach Smoothie$5.97
Red Bean Smoothie$5.57
Oreo Chocolate Smoothie$7.20

Fresh Milk Tea

Fresh Milk with Pudding & Red Bean$5.81
Fresh Milk with Grass Jelly$5.72
Dirty Brown Sugar Latte with Pearls$5.79

Brewed Tea Series

Roasted Oolong Tea$4.53
Wintermelon Drink$4.70
Wintermelon Oolong Tea$4.53
Longan Honey Drink$4.70

Signature Milk Foam

Milk Foam Green Tea$5.22
Milk Foam Black Tea$5.26
Milk Foam Oolong Tea$5.22
Milk Foam Black Forest$5.87
Milk Foam Winter Melon Ai-Yu$5.09
Milk Foam Winter Melon Oolong$5.06
Milk Foam Black Coffee$5.49
Milk Foam Brown Sugar Oolong$5.09
Panda Milk Foam$5.94

Real Fruit Tea

Lemon Ai-Yu with White Pearls$5.42
Mango Green Tea$4.85
Lychee Oolong Tea$4.95
Strawberry Green Tea$4.83
Lychee Honey Green Tea$4.99
Lemon Honey Green Tea$5.19
Honey Green Tea$4.95
Peach Green Tea$4.59
Lychee Mango Green Tea$5.10
QQ Grapefruit Green Tea$5.49
Peach Drink$4.73
Mango Pearl Latte$5.99
Grapefruit Drink$4.82

Moustache Series

Milk Foam Earl Grey Tea$5.33
Milk Foam Wintermelon Drink$5.30

Exclusive 8

Creme Brulee Strawberry Latte$6.67
Mango Splash$6.83
Creme Brulee Brown Sugar Smoothie$6.83

Extract Tea

Genmai Green Milk Tea$5.62

Gong Cha Milk Tea

Milk Tea with Pearls$5.10
Earl Grey Milk Tea with 2J$5.19
Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3J$5.96
Milk Tea with Grass Jelly$5.07
Milk Tea with Pudding$4.99
Milk Tea with Coconut Jelly$5.38
Coffee Milk Tea$5.02
Lychee Milk Tea$5.12
Sesame Milk Tea$5.43
Milk Green Tea$4.95
Strawberry Milk Green Tea$5.39
Matcha Milk Tea with Red Bean$5.83
Panda Milk Tea$5.53
Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Pearls$5.49

Real Fruit

Tropical Fruit Green Tea$5.19

Creative Mix Series

Lemon Wintermelon with Basil Seeds$5.40
Yogurt Green Tea$5.30

Moustache Teas

Brown Sugar Milk Foam Oolong Tea$6.00

Hot Milk Foam

Hot Milk Foam Green Tea$5.66


Tropical Fruit Smoothie$5.99
Grapefruit Smoothie$5.99

Fresh Milk Series

Wintermelon with Fresh Milk$4.63

Milk Teas

Brown Sugar Oolong Milk Tea With 2J$6.60


Mango Teaffogato$6.70

Milk Tea Series

Royal Milk Tea$5.13
Chocolate Milk Tea$5.36
Oolong Milk Tea$5.03
Oreo Earl Grey Milk tea$5.30
Earl Grey Milk Tea$5.38
Caramel Milk Tea$5.21
Taro Milk Tea$5.64
Wintermelon Milk Tea$4.95
Honey Milk Tea$5.10
Brown Sugar Oolong Milk Tea$5.36
Brown Sugar Coconut Milk Tea$5.65
Coconut Milk Tea$5.53
Coconut Taro Milk Tea$5.53
Honeydew Milk Tea$5.53
Strawberry Milk Tea$5.25
Matcha Milk Tea$5.55

Bubble Waffles

Original Bubble Waffle$5.32
Chocolate Bubble Waffle$5.84
Matcha Bubble Waffle$5.88
Pearl Bubble Waffle$5.93

Coffee Series

House Special Milk Coffee$5.00
Milk Foam Coffee$5.30
Caramel Milk Coffee$5.48
Oreo Coffee Milk tea$5.60

Brewed Tea

Winter Melon Drink$4.92

Popular Items

Taro Milk Drink with Red Bean$5.83
Winter Melon Fresh Milk Tea$5.63
Lemon Winter Melon Basil Seeds$5.39
Lemon Winter Melon with Basil Seeds$5.85
Milk Foam Winter Melon$5.06
Milk Foam Winter Melon Drink$5.59
Mango Smoothie$5.87
QQ Passion Fruit Green Tea$5.49


Chocolate Egg Waffle$6.33
Sesame Egg Waffle$6.33

Egg Waffle

Matcha Egg Waffle$7.33

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