Jugo Juice Menu Prices in Canada

Jugo Juice is a Canadian smoothie shop chain that offers a wide range of blended juices, smoothies, and salads. Derek Brock and Jason Cunningham founded it in Edmonton, Alberta in 1998.

It is Canada’s largest smoothie franchise, with over 210 locations across the country, the majority of which are in Western Canada.

In this article, we’ll go over the entire Jugo Juice menu, including its most popular items, menu prices, and nutrition information.

Jugo Juice Menu Prices in Canada

Jugo Juice has a wide variety of smoothies to suit all tastes. These smoothies are made entirely of fresh fruits, vegetables, and juices, which are prepared right in front of you.

You can personalize your smoothie by selecting from a variety of bases (such as pineapple juice or coconut water), fruit combinations, and toppings.

Some of their most popular smoothie combinations are as follows:

Grilled cheese

Three Cheese Grilled Cheese$9.15
Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese$9.15

Grilled wraps

Chicken & Kale Slaw Wrap$8.4
Falafel Wrap$8.4
Chicken Avocado Wrap$8.4


Creamy Kale Slaw$5.85
Jugo House Salad (Small)$5.85

Classic smoothies

Jugo Classico Smoothie$7.35
Mango magic Smoothie$7.35
Summer Strawberry Smoothie$7.35
Blushing Mango Smoothie$7.35
Coco Beach Smoothie$7.35
PB and Chocolate Smoothie$7.35

Superfood smoothies

Dragon Force Smoothie$8.25
Berry and Banana Smoothie$8.25
Abundant Acai Smoothie$8.25
Raspberry Rush Smoothie$8.25

Protein smoothies

Big Blue Protein Smoothie$8.95
Green Protein Smoothie$8.95
Acai Protein Smoothie$8.95
PB Protein Smoothie$8.95
Mocha Protein Smoothie$8.95

Veggie smoothies

Mighty Kale Smoothie$8.85
Kale-Abunga Smoothie$8.85
Green Glow Smoothie$8.85

Energy smoothies

Matcha Peachu Smoothie$8.75
Jugo Cold Brew Smoothie$8.75

Fresh juice

Kale-Aid Juice$5.95
Max Veg Juice$7.95
Orange, Apple, Carrot Juice$6.95
Orange Juice$6.95
Apple Juice$5.85




dasani water$2.25

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