Little Caesars Menu Prices in Canada

Little Caesars is a pizza restaurant chain and international franchise founded in 1959. The company headquarters are located in the Fox Theatre building in Downtown Detroit, with its world headquarters a few blocks east-southeast in the Fox Office Center.

The corporation began as a single pizza shop known as Little Caesar’s Pizza Treat, founded by Ilitch in Garden City, Michigan.

Little Caesar’s menu features pizzas for dine-in or carryout service at reasonable prices.

The original pizza from Little Caesars comes in a deep dish or thin crust varieties and is available in regular cheese or pepperoni toppings.

Little Caesars offers a variety of pizza combinations. The most popular is the Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizza, which comes in three sizes: 6-inch, 8-inch and Little Caesars Party Pizza.

Other options include specialty pizzas like the Crazy Bread Pepperoni Combo or the Crazy Bread Three Meat Treat, as well as bread and pastas.

Little Caesars also offers appetizers and sides such as Crazy Bread, cheese sticks and wings.

Little Caesars Menu Prices in Canada

The Little Caesars menu is short and sweet with only a handful of options.

It includes pizza by the slice or full pie, as well as Crazy Bread, Crazy Sauce, and Crazy Crust.

There are no coupons for Little Caesars or deals for Little Caesars online or in-store.

The only exception is that you can get free Crazy Bread when you order any large pizza at participating locations.

Popular Little Caesars Menu Items

Caesar Wings® – Garlic Parmesan$7.73
Classic Cheese$7.41
Classic Pepperoni$7.09

Extra Most Bestest® Pizzas

ExtraMostBestest® Hula Hawaiian®$11.50
ExtraMostBestest® 3 Meat Treat®$12.02
ExtraMostBestest® Veggie$13.51

Round Pizzas

3 Meat Treat$11.26
ExtraMostBestest Stuffed Crust Pepperoni$12.00
Ultimate Supreme$13.54
Pepperoni and Cheese Stuffed Crust$12.20
Custom Round Pizza$8.29
Hula Hawaiian$10.58
Pepperoni and Bacon$10.28
5 Meat Feast$13.19
Pepperoni and Sausage$10.28
Pepperoni and Extra Cheese$10.25
Sausage and Extra Cheese$10.28
Sausage and Mushroom$10.27

Deep Dish Pizzas

Deep Deep Dish Veggie Pizza$15.57
Deep Deep Dish 3 Meat Treat Pizza$15.32
Deep Deep Dish Cheese Pizza$11.29
Deep Deep Dish Sausage Pizza$11.45

ExtraMostBestest® Round Pizzas

ExtraMostBestest Sausage$8.07


DEEP!DEEP!™ Dish 3 Meat Treat®$13.71

ExtraMostBestest Pizzas

5 Meat Feast Pizza$13.02

Limited Time Offers

Crazy Calzony Pepperoni$9.98
The Batman Calzony Cheese$9.35
The Batman Calzony Meal Deal with Diet Pepsi$13.44
The Batman Calzony Meal Deal with Mtn. Dew$13.44
The Batman Calzony Meal Deal with Pepsi$13.44
The Batman Calzony Meal Deal with Sierra Mist$13.44
The Batman Calzony Pepperoni$9.35
Cookie Dough Brownie made with TWIX Cookie Bar Pieces$4.53
 Crazy Calzony Cheese$9.98

Deep!Deep!™ Dish

Bacon Wrapped DEEP!DEEP!™ Dish$17.72
Ultimate Supreme Deep!Deep!™ Dish$19.28
Deep!Deep! Dish Pepperoni$10.79
Veggie Deep!Deep!™ Dish$17.79
3 Meat Treat® Deep!Deep!™ Dish$17.80
Hula Hawaiian® Deep!Deep!™ Dish$14.83
Deep!Deep! Dish Sausage$10.90
Pepperoni Deep!Deep!™ Dish$11.86
Deep!Deep! Dish Cheese$10.72
Cheese Deep!Deep!™ Dish$11.86

Extra Most Bestest Pizza

Extra Most Bestest Veggie Pizza$13.19
Extra Most Bestest Hula Hawaiian Pizza$12.04
Extra Most Bestest Three Meat Treat Pizza$12.00

Deep Deep Dish Pizzas

Deep Deep Dish Veggie Pizza$15.57
Deep Deep Dish 3 Meat Treat Pizza$15.32
Deep Deep Dish Cheese Pizza$11.29
Deep Deep Dish Sausage Pizza$11.45

Meal Deals

Crazy Calzony Meal Deal with Diet Pepsi$14.03
Crazy Calzony Meal Deal with Mtn. Dew$14.03
Crazy Calzony Meal Deal with Pepsi$14.03
Crazy Calzony Meal Deal with Sierra Mist$14.03

Picked For You

Extra Most Bestest Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza$12.51

Deep Deep Dish Pizza

Deep Deep Dish Three Treat Pizza$13.88
Deep Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza$10.89
Deep Deep Dish Hula Hawaiian Pizza$13.80
Deep Deep Dish Ultimate Supreme Pizza$15.31
Lunch Combo Pizza$7.08

Round Pizza

Stuffed Crust Extramost Bestest Pizza$12.00
Classic Italian Sausage Pizza$8.39
Hula Hawaiian Pizza$11.20
3 Meat Treat Pizza$12.22
Three Meat Treat Pizza$11.09
Extra Most Bestest Pizza$8.73
Ultimate Supreme Pizza$13.44
Veggie Pizza$12.66

ExtraMostBestest® Pizza

Pretzel Crust ExtraMostBestest®$8.93
Stuffed Pretzel Crust ExtraMostBestest®$13.34
5 Meat Feast ExtraMostBestest®$13.34
Pepperoni Stuffed Crust ExtraMostBestest®$13.33
Pepperoni Thin Crust ExtraMostBestest®$8.84
Veggie ExtraMostBestest®$14.82
3 Meat Treat® ExtraMostBestest®$11.86
Hula Hawaiian® ExtraMostBestest®$11.50
Cheese ExtraMostBestest®$8.90
Pepperoni ExtraMostBestest®$8.90
Ultimate Supreme ExtraMostBestest®$14.83


Lunch Combo$6.94

Classic Pizzas

Classic Sausage Pizza$9.03
Create Your Own Pizza$8.69
Classic Pepperoni Pizza$7.61
Classic Cheese Pizza$7.53


2 Liter Pepsi Cola Products$3.31
Two Liter Pepsi Cola Products$3.25
Pepsi 2 liter$3.41
20 Oz Pepsi Cola Products$2.31
 Pepsi 20 oz.$2.30
20 oz Aquafina$2.40
20 oz. Aquafina$2.13
Diet Pepsi 2 liter$3.41
Diet Pepsi 20 oz.$2.30
Mountain Dew 2 Liter$3.42
Mountain Dew 20 oz.$2.30
Sierra Mist 2 Liter$3.42
Sierra Mist 20 oz.$2.30
AQUAFINA 20 oz.$2.26

Detroit-Style Deep Dish

Detroit-Style Deep Dish Cheese$10.83
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pepperoni$10.88
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Sausage$11.02

Wings and Bread

Oven Roasted Caesar Wings$7.96
Buffalo Caesar Wings$8.05
Bbq Caesar Wings$8.07
Garlic Parmesan Caesar Wings$7.99
Crazy Bread Combo$4.33

Thin Crust Pizzas

Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza$9.96
ExtraMostBestest Thin Crust Cheese$8.43
Thin Crust Cheese Pizza$9.17
ExtraMostBestest Thin Crust Pepperoni$8.61
Custom Thin Crust$8.70


2-Liter Soda$4.12
20 Oz Soda$2.74

Caesar Dips

Caesar Dip – Ranch$0.89
Caesar Dip – Buffalo Ranch$0.89
Caesar Dip – Cheezy Jalapeño$0.89
Caesar Dip$0.78
Caesar Dip – Butter Garlic Flavor$0.88


Cookie Dough Brownie made with MandM’S Minis Chocolate Candies$4.36
Crazy Bread$4.14
Crazy Sauce$1.29
Italian Cheese Bread$5.93
Caesar Wings$8.18
Stuffed Crazy Bread$4.10
Cheezy Jalapeño Caesar Dip®$0.87
Pepperoni Cheese Bread$6.75
Crazy Combo [Crazy Bread and Crazy Sauce]$4.67
Crazy Combo®$4.92
Butter Garlic Caesar Dip®$0.87
Ranch Caesar Dip®$0.84
Buffalo Ranch Caesar Dip®$0.84
Caesar Wings – Oven Roasted$8.73
Caesar Dips$1.20
Caesar Wings – Buffalo$8.64
Cookie Dough Brownie made with MandM’S MINIS Chocolate Candies$4.55
Caesar Wings – BBQ$8.71
Butter Garlic Flavor Caesar Dip$0.82

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