Mac’s Sushi Menu Prices Canada

The Mac’s Sushi menu in Canada includes a variety of popular sushi items, as well as some less well-known options. The most popular items on the menu are the California roll, tuna roll, and salmon roll.

These are all classic sushi rolls that are made with traditional ingredients such as rice, seaweed, and fish. In addition to these traditional options, Mac’s Sushi also offers a variety of combo meals that include multiple rolls or other sushi items.

These combos are a great way to try a variety of different flavours and textures. Finally, Mac’s Sushi also offers a selection of sides and drinks to round out your meal.

The Side dishes include miso soup, edamame, and cucumber salad. And the drink menu features both hot and cold beverages, including green tea, sake, and soda.

Mac’s Sushi Menu Prices Canada

Here are the latest Mac’s Sushi Canada menu prices:



Sushi and Sashimi Combo$14.16
Crazy Salmon Roll$16.99
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese$15.16
Bento Box$17.99
Veggie Combo$12.16
Spicy Tuna and Sushi Combo$15.79
BBQ Eel Rainbow and Sushi Combo$15.79
Avo Crunch Salmon Roll$14.66
California Roll and Sushi Combo$14.09
Avo Crunch Salmon and Sushi Combo$15.09
Spicy Salmon and Sushi Combo$15.09
Shrimp Tempura and Sushi Combo$14.32
Salmon Roll and Sushi Combo$14.39
Love Roll$16.16
Philly Roll$14.66
Rock and Roll$14.99
Spicy Salmon Roll$12.87
Lovely Combo$15.66
Alladin Roll$14.16
Veggie California Roll$11.79
Spicy Crab Salad Roll$12.16
Crab Salad Roll$12.09
BBQ Salmon Roll$13.66
Spicy Tuna Roll$13.99
BBQ Eel Rainbow Roll$15.32
Garden Roll$11.99
California Roll$11.07
Couple Roll Party$35.00
Dynamite Combo$13.49

Popular Items

Combo #1$13.32
Spicy Crunch Vegetable Rolls$6.31
Mac’s Dragon Spicy Salmon Rolls$14.19
Sushi Burrito$8.99
Spicy Salmon Dynamite Roll$11.19
Vegetarian California Rolls$5.99
Spicy Salmon Rolls$8.35
Rainbow Rolls$8.34

All items

Bento Box 1$16.74
California Rolls$5.99
Bento Box 2$16.87
Salmon Poke Bowl$14.99
Spicy Crab Rolls$5.99
Individual Rolls$5.81
Party Tray – 30 Piece$30.32


Spicy Crunch Dynamite Roll$14.16

Featured Items

Sushi Pieces$5.99
Bento Box 3$16.59
Spicy Tuna Rolls$8.32


Shrimp Tempura Roll$6.87
Spicy Crunch Vegetable Roll$10.16
Dynamite Rolls$11.66


Wakame Salad$4.88
Dynamite Assortment$12.81

Sushi Combos

Combo #2$13.32
Combo #3$13.32
Combo #4$13.32


Seaweed Salad$5.10
Spicy Mayo$1.50
Japanese Marble Pop$4.00
Japanese Green Tea$2.66
Minute Maid Juice$3.39
Vita Coco$3.32
Vitamin Water$3.87



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