Mr. Greeko Menu Prices Canada

Mr. Greeko is a popular Canadian chain of restaurants that specializes in Greek food. The menu includes a wide variety of starters, main dishes, and desserts.

Popular starters include dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), kebabs, and various dips. The main dishes are usually served with rice or potatoes, and they include lamb, chicken, and fish dishes.

The dessert menu features traditional Greek sweets such as baklava and galaktoboureko. In addition to these standard items, the restaurant also offers a daily special which changes depending on the day of the week.

The beverage menu includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Mr. Greeko Menu Prices Canada

Here are the latest Mr. Greeko Canada menu prices.



Large Greek Salad$7.99
Small Greek Salad$6.99
Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet with Greek Salad$12.99
Chicken Souvlaki Greek Salad$12.99
Gyros Greek Salad$12.99

Pita & Wraps

Chicken Souvlaki on Pita$7.99
Fish and Chips$10.99
Gyros Pita$7.99
Chicken Shawarma on Pita$7.99
Falafel on Pita$7.99

Combo Pita & Wraps

With fries and Pop Drink
Chicken Souvlaki on Pita (Combo Pita & Wraps)$11.99
Gyros Pita (Combo Pita & Wraps)$11.99
Chicken Shawarma on Pita (Combo Pita & Wraps)$11.99
Falafel on Pita (Combo Pita & Wraps)$11.99

Daily Special Plates

Served with rice, potato, tzatziki.
Chicken Souvlaki$9.99
Chicken Leg$9.99
Chicken Shawarma$9.99
Greek Gyros$9.99

Dinner & Plates

All dinners served with Greek salad, rice, potato, tzatziki.
Lamb Shank$14.99
Grilled Chicken Brest Fillet$12.99
Chicken Shawarma (Dinner & Plates)$12.99
Chicken Souvlaki (Dinner & Plates)$12.99
Chicken Leg (Dinner & Plates)$11.99
Greek Gyros (Dinner & Plates)$11.99
Falafel (Dinner & Plates)$11.99


Large Fries$4.99
Small Fries$3.99
Spinach Pie$4.99
Cheese Pie$4.99
Extra Feta$1.75
Extra Tzatzki$1.75
Extra Pita$1.25
Side Rice (Large)$4.99
Side Rice (Small)$3.99




Coca – Cola Can$1.75
Diet Coca – Cola Can$1.75
Ginger Ale Can$1.75
Sprite Can$1.75
Crush Can$1.75
Iced Tea Can$2.00

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