Mr. Sub Menu Prices in Canada

Mr. Sub is a Canadian sandwich restaurant chain that serves submarine sandwiches and salads. It has more than 200 restaurants across Canada.

Their 7″ and 9″ subs are made with the best ingredients, from 100% Canadian turkey and chicken breast to our home-style roast beef, cut fresh daily.

They start off each morning by making their own dough from scratch – even down to the spices in their signature multigrain bread dough. Then they bake it fresh every four hours so that when you bite into your sub, you know it’s made just for you.

From sandwiches to salads, burgers and more, Mr. Sub offers a wide selection of healthy and hearty meals sure to please even the most discerning palate!

Their menu features classic favourites like their Signature Roast Beef or Premium Oven Roasted Turkey subs, as well as lighter fare such as their Signature Salads or Signature Wraps.

Mr. Sub Menu Prices in Canada

Mr. Sub offers a wide variety of specialty sandwiches, including chicken wraps and hot subs, as well as toasted sandwiches and sides such as poutine, soup and salad.

In addition to their main stores, they operate Mr. Sub Express kiosks that can be found in gas stations, malls and other high-traffic areas throughout Canada.

Here is Mr. Sub Menu with prices in Canada

Steak & Cheese$8.15
Chicken Souvlaki$8.15
Ultimate Club$8.15
Louisiana Pepper Chicken$8.15
Steak & Cheese Combo$11.14
Chicken Souvlaki Combo$11.14
Ultimate Club Combo$11.14
Louisiana Pepper Chicken Combo$11.14
Spicy Breaded Chicken$7.9
Grilled Chicken$7.9
Canadian Club$7.9
Breaded Chicken$7.9
Spicy Breaded Chicken Combo$10.89
Grilled Chicken Combo$10.89
Canadian Club Combo$10.89
Breaded Chicken Combo$10.89
Gardein Mighty meat less
Gardein™ Meatless Meatballs$7.75
Tex Mex Black Bean$7.75
Gardein™ Meatless Meatballs Combo$10.74
Tex-Mex Black Bean Combo$10.74
Protien packed
Albacore Tuna$7
Roast Beef & Cheddar$7
Turkey Combo$9.99
Albacore Tuna Combo$9.99
Roast Beef & Cheddar Combo$9.99
Seafood Combo$9.99
BLT Combo$9.99
Meatball Combo$9.64
Double Stacked Smoked Meat$9.79
Smoked Meat$7.39
Smoked Meat Combo$10.38
Double Stacked Smoked Meat Combo$12.78
Veggie & Cheese$5.39
Italian Salami$5.65
Assorted Combo$8.83
Pizza Combo$8.64
Ham Combo$8.64
Veggie & Cheese Combo$8.38
Italian Salami Combo$8.64
Specialty wraps
Peppery Chicken Caesar$8.25
Southwest Thai Chicken$8
Chipotle Turkey & Bacon$8
Peppery Chicken Caesar Combo$11.24
Southwest Thai Chicken Combo$10.99
Chipotle Turkey & Bacon Combo$10.99
On the side
Pickle Spears$1.79
Homestyle Double Chocolate Brownie$2.19
Entree salads
Greek Salad$6.79
Garden Salad$6.79
Caesar Salad$6.79
Greek Salad Combo$9.78
Garden Salad Combo$9.78
Caesar Salad Combo$9.78
Kids meal
Assorted Sub Kids Meal$5.99
Ham Sub Kids Meal$5.99
Turkey Sub Kids Meal$5.99
Thirst quenches
Canned Pop (355 ml)$1.79
Bottled Soft Drinks (591 ml)$2.59
Cool Blue Gatorade (591 ml)$3.19
Pure Leaf Lemon Iced Tea$2.99
Dole Juice (450 ml)$2.59
Aquafina (591 ml)$2.59
Lime Bubly$1.79
Strawberry Bubly$1.79

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