Mucho Burrito Menu Prices in Canada

Mucho Burrito is a popular Mexican restaurant chain in Canada that offers a variety of delicious menu items. Mucho Burrito’s signature items on the menu include the Classic Burrito, the Chicken Burrito, and the carnitas Burrito.

Guests can also choose to build their own burrito, quesadilla, or taco trio. Combos are also available and include a drink and your choice of chips or salad.

Sides include refried beans, rice, and salsa. Desserts include churros and tres leches cake. Beverages include sodas, juices, and bottled water.

The Mucho Burrito Take home taco kit is also a popular option, and includes everything you need to make your own tacos at home.

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a hearty dinner, Mucho Burrito has something for everyone.

Mucho Burrito Menu Canada

Ghost Pepper Burrito$10.75
Chipotle Apple Smoked Brisket Burrito$10.75
Chipotle Apple Smoked Brisket Bowl$13.75
Habanero & Harissa Beyond Meat Burrito$10.75
Habanero & Harissa Beyond Meat Bowl$13.75
Alcoholic Beverages
 Coors Light$5.95
 Stella Artois$5.95
Build your own
Build Your Own Small Burrito$10.45
Build Your Own Classic Burrito$11.8
Build Your Own Mucho Burrito$16.3
Build Your Own Bowl or Salad$13.9
Queso Double-Up Burrito – Small$12.55
Queso Double-Up Burrito – Regular$13.85
Queso Double-Up Burrito – Mucho$18.55
 Queso Cheese$1.50
Taco trio
Classic Trios$13.75
Chips and Salsa Combo$3.64
 Chips and Guac Combo$5.16
Chips and Queso Combo with Beverage$3.50
 Chips and Queso Combo$4.17
Chips and Guacamole Combo with Beverage$4.50
 Cookie Combo$4.25
 Brownie Combo$4.75
 Churro Combo$4.00
Chips & Salsa$2.38
 Chips and Queso Cheese$2.56
Chips & Guacamole$3.42
Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.75
Peruvian Chocolate Brownie$3.25
Churro with Dulche de Leche$2.5
Canned Pop$2.20
Diet Pepsi$1.75
Bottled Pop$3.20
Dr Pepper$1.75
Diet Dr Pepper$1.75
7 Up$1.75
 Bottled Juice$3.14
 Pure Leaf Iced Tea$3.48
Bubly Sparkling Water$2.20
Water bottle$2.68
Sparkling Water$3.25
Lime Jarritos$3.25
Mango Jarritos$3.25
Mandarin Jarritos$3.25
Pure Leaf Lemon Iced Tea$3.25
Pure Leaf Peach Iced Tea$3.25
Pure Leaf Raspberry Iced Tea$3.25
Pure Leaf Green Tea with Honey$3.25
Take home taco kit
Take Home Taco Kit x 4$49.95
Take Home Taco Kit x 6$69.95
Take Home Taco Kit x 8$89.95

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