New York Fries Menu and Prices in Canada

New York Fries is a Canadian quick-service restaurant chain that specializes in french fries, hot dogs and poutine. New York Fries offers a wide variety of menu items, including Combos (which include a drink and a side), Poutines (a traditional Canadian dish made with french fries, cheese curds and gravy)

They also offer Fry Meals (which include a drink, a side and a dipping sauce), Fries (which come in regular or large sizes), Premium Hot Dogs (made with all-beef natural casing frankfurters), Loaded “Poutine” Hot Dogs (topped with cheese curds and gravy) and Sides (which include poutine, mozzarella sticks, onion rings and more).

In addition to its regular menu items, New York Fries also offers a number of seasonal specials throughout the year. For example, during the summer months, the chain often features BBQ-flavored fries and hot dogs, while during the winter months it offers special holiday-themed dishes such as candy cane fries and gingerbread hot dogs.

Whatever the time of year, New York Fries is always serving up fresh, delicious food that will satisfy any appetite.

New York Fries Menu Canada

Picked For You Menu With Prices

Premium Hot Dog$5.79
Classic Poutine$7.79
Fresh Cut Fries$5.79
Ultimate Combo$15.59
Bacon Double Cheese Poutine$7.79

Combos Menu With Prices

Perfect Combo$12.99
Ultimate Combo$15.59
Combo For 2$24.99
Double Dipper Combo$15.99
Single Dipper Combo$8.99

Poutines & Fry Meals Menu With Prices

Classic Poutine$7.79
Bacon Double Cheese Poutine$7.79
Butter Chicken Poutine$7.79
Veggie Fries$7.79
The Works$7.79
Chili Cheese Fries$7.79
Chili Poutine$7.79
Nacho Fries$7.79
Small Size Classic Poutine$7.79

Fries Menu With Prices

Fresh Cut Fries$5.29

Premium Hot Dog Menu With Prices

Premium Hot Dog$5.79

Loaded “Poutine” Hot Dogs Menu With Prices

Bacon Double Cheese Hot Dog$8.49
Poutine Hot Dog$8.49

Sides Menu With Prices

Roasted Garlic Aioli$1.75
Cheese Sauce$1.75
Sour Cream$1.75
Chipotle Aioli$1.75

Beverages Menu With Prices

Canada Dry Bottle$2.99
Sprite Bottle$2.99
Diet Coke Bottle$2.99
Coke Zero Bottle$2.99
Coca-cola Classic Bottle$2.99
Nestea – Bottle$2.99

Poutine Kits (Large Size) Menu With Prices

Classic Poutine Kit$13.99
Bacon Double Cheese Poutine Kit$13.99
Butter Chicken Poutine Kit$13.99
The Works Kit$13.99
Veggie Fries Kit$13.99
Nacho Fries Kit$13.99
Chili Poutine kit$13.99
Chili Cheese Fries Kit$13.99

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