Osmow’s Shawarma Menu Prices in Canada

Osmow’s Canada is a fast food restaurant chain specializing in Middle Eastern food, particularly shawarma, a dish of doner kebab.

It has locations in four provinces: Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta.

The main feature of the restaurant is its high-quality food that is prepared fresh every day using the finest ingredients and special recipes.

The menu also contains some special items that are created by customers themselves, such as Osmow’s Combo and Osmow’s Poutines.

All this makes the restaurant a good place to get lunch or dinner for yourself or your whole family, as it accommodates everyone’s tastes.

Osmow’s Shawarma Menu Prices in Canada

The establishment was founded on the principle of providing great-tasting food, made with fresh ingredients and served at a fair price.

Osmow’s menu prices are considered to be very affordable. This allows the establishment to attract customers who are looking for good quality food that is also affordable.

The restaurant has a strong presence in Canada and also has locations in Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, and New York.

Below are the latest Osmow’s menu prices in Canada.

Popular Menu Items

Chicken On the Rox Combo$11.93
 Chicken Shawarma Wrap$7.87
 Beef On the Rox Combo$14.02
 Shawarma Poutine Combo$15.25
 Chicken On the Stix Combo$13.23
Chicken Shawarma Poutine$13.82
 Osmow’s Mix Grill Platter$22.85
 Philly Cheese Steak Wrap$10.34

Special Dishes

Shawarma Poutine$13.79

Salads Menu

Garden Salad$7.54
 Fattouch Salad$7.52
 Caesar Salad$7.54
 Greek Salad$8.45
 Fattoush Salad$8.31
 Chicken Salad$11.99
 Chicken Salad Combo$13.66
 Beef Salad$13.48
 Beef Salad Combo$15.13
 Mixed Salad Combo$15.01
Beyond Salad$15.86
 Falafel Salad Combo$13.66
Beyond Salad Combo$17.30

Junior Shawarma Menu

Junior Chicken Shawarma$4.50
 Junior Beef Shawarma$6.19
 Junior Lamb Shawarma$7.42
 Junior Beyond Meat Shawarma$7.42
 Junior Falafel Wrap$4.50

Wraps Menu

Beyond Shawarma Wrap$11.49
 Beef Shawarma Wrap Combo$10.96
 Mixed Shawarma Wrap Combo$11.25
Mixed Shawarma$10.11
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich$10.34
 Beef Shawarma Wrap$9.87
 Chicken Shawarma Wrap Combo$8.61
 Mixed Shawarma Wrap$9.93
 Osmow’s Special Wrap Combo$10.84
 Osmow’s Special Wrap$9.50
 Shish Taouk Wrap Combo$9.79
 Chicken Kebab Wrap Combo$10.08
 Shish Taouk Wrap$9.12
 Chicken Kebab Wrap$9.13
 Beef Kofta Wrap Combo$10.61
 Philly Cheese Steak Combo$11.59
 Philly Cheese Steak Wrap Combo$11.79
Beyond Philly Wrap$12.41
 Philly Chicken Combo$9.86
 Philly Chicken Wrap$8.64
 Philly Chicken Wrap Combo$10.06
Philly Chicken Sandwich$8.61
 Beef Kofta Wrap$9.27
 Philly Veggie Wrap$8.64
 Philly Veggie Combo$9.86
 Philly Veggie Wrap Combo$10.06
Philly Veggie Sandwich$8.61
 Falafel Wrap Combo$7.95
 Beyond Shawarma Wrap Combo$12.93
 Falafel Wrap$7.42
 Beyond Philly Wrap Combo$13.85

Appetizers Menu

 Taboule Appetizer$7.82
 Baba Ganouch$7.81
 Hummus Appetizer$7.54
 Baba Ganoush$7.88

Every Day Specials

Med Chicken on the Rocks$12.64


Philly Cheese Steak Platter$19.42
 Philly Chicken Steak Platter$17.70

On the Rox Menu

Chicken on the Rocks$10.52
 Beef on the Rocks$12.64
 Mixed On the Rox Combo$14.56
Mixed on the Rocks$13.21
 Falafel On the Rox Combo$11.39
Falafel on the Rocks$10.11
 Philly Chicken On the Rox Combo$14.39
Philly Chicken on the Rocks$14.19
 Philly Cheese Steak On the Rox Combo$16.39
 Philly CheeseSteak On the Rox Combo$18.35
Philly Cheese Steak on the Rocks$16.83
 Philly Veggie on Rox Combo$15.37
 Philly Veggie On the Rox Combo$15.69
Beyond the Rox$13.99
 Beyond the Rox Combo$15.94


Chicken Shawarma Platter$16.83
 Chicken Shawarma Platter Combo$17.75
 Beef Shawarma Platter$19.01
 Beef Shawarma Platter Combo$20.76
 Mixed Shawarma Platter$19.19
 Mixed Shawarma Platter Combo$20.83
 Osmow’s Special Platter Combo$19.26
Beyond Shawarma Platter$20.23
 Osmow’s Special Platter$17.80
 Shish Taouk Platter Combo$19.05
 Chicken Kebab Platter Combo$18.69
 Shish Taouk Platter$17.17
 Chicken Kebab Platter$17.17
 Beef Kofta Platter Combo$18.69
 Osmow’s Mix Grill Platter Combo$22.29
 Beef Kofta Platter$17.17
 Philly Cheese Steak Platter Combo$20.87
 Philly Cheesesteak Platter$19.26
 Philly Veggie Platter$17.43
 Philly Chicken Platter Combo$18.85
Philly Cheesesteak Platter Combo$20.50
 Philly Chicken Platter$17.42
 Philly Veggie Platter Combo$18.85
 Beyond Shawarma Platter Combo$21.67

On the Veggies

Chicken On the Veggies Combo$14.79
Chicken on the Veggies$13.08
Beef on the Veggies$14.99
 Beef On the Veggies Combo$16.84
 Mixed On the Veggies Combo$17.19
Mixed on the Veggies$15.32
 Falafel On the Veggies Combo$14.79
Falafel on the Veggies$13.08
 Philly Chicken On the Veggies Combo$16.35
Philly Chicken on the Veggies$15.22
 Philly Cheese Steak On the Veggies Combo$19.32
 Philly CheeseSteak On the Veggies Combo$17.87
Philly Cheese Steak on the Veggies$18.15
 Philly CheeseSteak on the Veggie Combo$18.50
 Philly Veggie on the Veggies Combo$16.63
Beyond the Veggies$17.24
Beyond the Veggies Combo$17.39
 Beyond On the Veggies Combo$17.18

On the Stix

Chicken on the Stix$12.05
Beef on the Stix$14.26
 Beef On the Stix Combo$15.36
 Mixed On the Stix Combo$15.67
Mixed on the Stix$14.56
Falafel on the Stix$11.96
 Falafel On the Stix Combo$13.08
 Philly Chicken On the Stix Combo$15.97
Philly Chicken on the Stix$16.09
 Philly Cheese Steak On the Stix Combo$18.44
 Philly CheeseSteak On the Stix Combo$18.10
Philly Cheese Steak on the Stix$19.08
 Philly Veggie on the Stix Combo$17.37
Beyond the Stix Combo$16.21
 Beyond On the Stix Combo$16.61

Side Orders

 Just Chicken$7.21
 Just Beef$9.28
Just Beyond$11.49

Specialty Dishes

Chicken Shawarma Poutine Combo$15.20
 Half & Half Chicken Combo$13.72
 Beef Shawarma Poutine$16.09
 Beef Shawarma Poutine Combo$17.33
 Half & Half Chicken$12.16
 Beyond Poutine Combo$17.53
 Half & Half Beef$14.43
 Half & Half Beef Combo$16.02
Beyond Poutine$16.09
 Half & Half Mixed Combo$16.26
 Half & Half Mixed$14.69
 Half & Half Falafel Combo$13.57
 Half & Half Falafel$12.14
 Beyond Half & Half Combo$17.07
Beyond Half & Half$15.63
 Falafel Platter Combo$14.78
 Falafel Platter$14.60


 Grilled Veggies$6.31
 Just Beyond Meat$11.49

Add Ons

Served on Rice$1.71
Served on Fries$1.71
Extra Sauce$0.86
Extra Chicken$5.16
Extra Beef$5.74






Can – Coke$1.44
Canned Drink$1.44
Can – Coke Zero$1.44
Bottled Drink$3.09
Can – Diet Coke$1.44
Can – Sprite$1.44
Can – Ginger Ale$1.44
Bottled Water$1.44
Chocolate Milk$3.06
Bottled Coke$3.09
Bottled Coke Zero$3.09
Bottled Diet Coke$3.09
Bottled Ginger Ale$3.09
Osmow’s Mango Juice$3.09

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