Pacific Poke Menu Prices Canada

The Pacific Poke menu in Canada includes a variety of items to choose from. The Kid’s Menu offers chef-inspired chicken bowls that are perfect for picky eaters.

The Picked for You section includes popular items that are recommended by the chef. The Chef-Inspired Bowls section offers fresh soup, seasonal soup, and house-made beverages.

The Beverages section includes a variety of drinks to choose from, including water, soda, and juice. Finally, the Desserts section offers a variety of sweet treats to enjoy.

Pacific Poke Menu Prices Canada

Here are the latest Pacific Poke Canada menu prices.


Kid’s Menu

Kid’s Poke Bowl$7.00
Kid’s Chicken Bowl$7.00
Kid’s Vegan Bowl$6.50

Chef-Inspired Chicken Bowls

Spicy Gochu Chicken$16.50

Picked for you

Regular Build Your Own Poke Bowl$14.50
Large Build Your Own Poke Bowl$16.88
The Main$16.26

Popular Items

The Cali$15.12
Sweet Shoyu Chicken Bowl$14.83
Spicy Gochu Chicken Bowl$13.60


Build Your Own Regular Classic Poke Bowl$13.36
Build Your Own Large Classic Poke Bowl$15.43

Chef Inspired Bowls

The Maui$16.12
The Keefer$15.75
The Seoul$13.18
The Veggie$13.29
The Keto$17.08

Fresh Soup

Miso Soup$2.60

Seasonal Soup

Traditional Miso Soup$2.67

House Made Beverages

Coco Panda$5.00
Yuzu Lemonade$3.53
Genmaicha Lemon Tea$3.50
Mango Mint$3.61


Coca Cola$2.70
Lemon Ginger Kombucha$5.75
San Pellegrino Orange$2.95
Coke Zero$2.67
Blackberry Charcoal Kombucha$5.75
San Pellegrino Limonata$2.95
Raspberry Lemon Kombucha$5.75
Diet Coke$2.67
San Pellegrino Blood Orange$2.95
Cherry Pomegranate San Pellegrino Essenza$3.25
Ginger Ale$2.60
AHA – Peach and Honey$2.96
San Pellegrino Pompelmo$2.95
Rose Hibiscus Rise Kombucha$5.99
Ginger Rise Kombucha$5.99
AHA – Lime and Watermelon$2.96
Cocos Pure$3.50
Peace Tea – Caddyshack$3.25
San Pellegrino Sparkling water$2.95
Peace Tea – Razzleberry$3.25


Chocolate Chunk Manifesto Cookie$2.89
Chewy Marshmallow Crispy Square$2.88

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