Pi Co. Menu Prices Canada

The Pi Co. menu includes a variety of drinks, small bites, picked-for-you items, desserts, and preset pizzas. Drinks include sodas, juices, and water.

Small bites include garlic knots, cheese sticks, and olives. The picked for you section of the menu features items such as the meat lover’s pizza and the chicken Caesar salad.

The dessert menu features a variety of pies, including apple, cherry, and pumpkin. The preset pizzas include the Margherita pizza, the pepperoni pizza, and the supreme pizza.

The salad menu includes the house salad, the Caesar salad, and the Greek salad.

Pi Co. Menu Prices Canada

Here are the latest Pi Co. Canada menu prices.



Naya Water$2.00
San Pellegrino Orange$2.00
San Pellegrino Blood Orange$2.00
Diet Pepsi$2.00
Dr. Pepper$2.00
Mountain Dew$2.00
Mug RootBeer$2.00
Schweppes Ginger Ale$2.00
7 UP$2.00
Pure Leaf Lemon$3.00
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water$3.00
Pure Leaf Peach$3.00
Bubly Blackberry$2.00
Bubly Cherry$2.00
Pure Leaf Raspberry$3.00
Bubly Lime$2.00
Tropicana Lemonade$3.00
Tropicana Orange Juice$3.00
Black Cherry$3.00

Small Bites

Garlic Bread$6.00
Beets Caprese Salad$8.00
Tomato Caprese Salad$8.00
Goat Cheese, Honey and Crushed Walnuts$8.00

Picked for you

Craft Yours Regular Dough$19.00
The Camden Special$18.88


Craft Yours Sweet PI$8.00

Preset Pizzas

Danforth Pi$18.88
Fairview Pi$18.86
The Adelaide$21.88
The Sherway$18.88
Yorkville Special$21.88


Gluten Free Margherita$19.00
Gluten Free Craft$23.00


Main Salad$16.00
Side Salad$11.00

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