Pita Land Menu Prices Canada

Pita Land is a popular restaurant chain in Canada that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. The menu features a variety of items, including poutine bowls, salad bowls, pita boxes, and wraps.

The poutine bowls come with your choice of meat or vegetarian toppings, as well as fries and cheese curds. The salad bowls include fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and your choice of dressing.

The pita boxes come with two pitas, your choice of meat or vegetarian fillings, and a side of hummus or tzatziki sauce. The wraps are made with saj bread and come with your choice of meat or vegetarian fillings.

Popular items on the menu include the chicken shawarma wrap, the lamb kofta wrap, and the falafel wrap. Appetizers and sides include hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh salad, and spanakopita.

Pita Land Menu Prices Canada

Here are the latest Pita Land Canada menu prices:


Poutine Bowls Combo

Chicken Shawarma Poutine Combo$17.94
Beef Shawarma Poutine Combo$18.57
Gyro Poutine Combo$17.94

Salad Bowls Combo

Falafel Salad Bowl Combo$17.43
Chicken Shawarma Salad Bowl Combo$19.19
Gyro Salad Bowl Combo$19.19
Beef Shawarma Salad Bowl Combo$19.84
Chicken Kebab Salad Bowl Combo$20.45
Chicken Souvlaki Salad Bowl Combo$20.45

Pita Box Combo

Pita Box Chicken Shawarma – Rice Combo$15.80
Pita Box Chicken Shawarma – Fries Combo$15.80
Pita Box Chicken Shawarma Mixed – Rice and Fries Combo$16.93

Popular Items

Chicken Shawarma$22.64
Beef Kebab$23.64
Chicken Souvlaki$23.64
Beef Shawarma$22.72
Chicken Kebab$23.64

Apps & Sides

French Fries$5.84
Garlic Potatoes$5.81
Lentil Soup$4.77
Pita Chips$1.87
Baba Ghanoush$7.19
Hummus w/Chicken Shawarma$10.24
Hummus w/Beef Shawarma$10.74
Mezze Trio Falafel$10.39
Mezze Trio Tabouli$10.35
Vegetarian Kebbeh$6.94


Pita Bread$0.99

Apps and Sides

Hummus with Beef Shawarma$10.79
Hummus with Chicken Shawarma$10.67

Large Wraps

Large Beef Shawarma Wrap$14.25
Large Chargrill BBQ Beef Kebab Wrap$14.43
Large Chargrill BBQ Chicken Kebab Wrap$14.45
Large Chicken Souvlaki Wrap$14.28
Large Falafel Wrap$12.17
Large Gyro Wrap$13.72
Large Mixed Kebab Wrap$15.70

Saj Wrap Meal

Chicken Shawarma Saj Meal$15.15
Beef Shawarma Saj Meal$17.28

Saj Wraps

Chicken Shawarma Saj Wrap$12.39
Beef Shawarma Saj Wrap$15.99

Picked for you

Large Chicken Shawarma Wrap$13.69

Large Wrap Combos

Large Beef Shawarma Wrap Combo$17.16
Large Chargrill BBQ Beef Kebab Wrap Combo$17.20
Large Chargrill BBQ Chicken Kebab Wrap Combo$16.80
Large Chicken Shawarma Wrap Combo$16.30
Large Chicken Souvlaki Wrap Combo$17.16
Large Falafel Wrap Combo$14.95
Large Gyro Wrap Combo$16.30
Large Mixed Kebab Wrap Combo$18.58


Beef Shawarma Plate$18.91
Chargrill BBQ Beef Kebab Plate$19.25
Chargrill BBQ Chicken Kebab Plate$19.34
Chicken Shawarma Plate$18.35
Chicken Souvlaki Plate$19.08
Falafel Plate$16.82
Gyro Plate$18.35
Mixed Kebab Plate$19.66
Veggie Plate$20.99
Signature Plate$20.99

Plate Combos

Beef Shawarma Plate Combo$21.41
Chicken Shawarma Plate Combo$20.81
Chargrill BBQ Beef Kebab Plate Combo$22.40
Mixed Kebab Plate Combo$21.92
Chargrill BBQ Chicken Kebab Plate Combo$22.33
Chicken Souvlaki Plate Combo$21.54
Falafel Plate Combo$19.31
Gyro Plate Combo$20.81
Veggie Plate Combo$23.98
Signature Plate Combo$23.29

Potato Bowls

Beef Shawarma Potato Bowl$18.91
Chargrill BBQ Beef Kebab Potato Bowl$19.25
Chargrill BBQ Chicken Kebab Potato Bowl$19.34
Chicken Shawarma Potato Bowl$18.35
Chicken Souvlaki Potato Bowl$19.08
Falafel Potato Bowl$16.85
Gyro Potato Bowl$18.35
Mixed Kebab Potato Bowl$19.66

Poutine Bowls

Served with 3 samosas, side of hummus (250 g), 1 pita
Chicken Shawarma Poutine$17.28
Beef Shawarma Poutine$18.23
Gyro Poutine$17.73

Salad Bowls

Falafel Salad Bowl$14.49
Chicken Shawarma Salad Bowl$16.18
Gyro Salad Bowl$16.18
Beef Shawarma Salad Bowl$16.81
Chicken Kebab Salad Bowl$17.31
Chicken Souvlaki Salad Bowl$17.31


White Chocolate$3.99

Potato Bowl Combos

Beef Shawarma Potato Bowl Combo$21.48
Chargrill BBQ Beef Kebab Potato Bowl Combo$22.25
Chargrill BBQ Chicken Kebab Potato Bowl Combo$22.28
Chicken Shawarma Potato Bowl Combo$20.63
Chicken Souvlaki Potato Bowl Combo$21.54
Falafel Potato Bowl Combo$19.31
Gyro Potato Bowl Combo$20.81
Mixed Kebab Potato Bowl Combo$22.05


Garden Salad$6.69
Greek Salad$7.57
Falafel Salad$11.53
Chicken Shawarma Salad$13.49


Chicken Shawarma Burger Combo$11.69
Gyro Burger Combo$11.69
Falafel Burger Combo$11.69


Dole Apple Juice$2.99
Dole Orange Juice$2.99

Salad Combos

Garden Salad Combo$9.66
Greek Salad Combo$10.35
Tabouli Combo$9.98
Fatouch Combo$10.98
Falafel Salad Combo$13.08
Chicken Shawarma Salad Combo$15.16

Pita Box

Pita Box Chicken Shawarma – Rice$12.49
Pita Box Chicken Shawarma – Fries$12.47
Pita Box Chicken Shawarma Mixed – Rice and Fries$13.59


Canned Pop$1.59
Bottled Pop$2.99
Nestle Bottled Water$1.68
Pepsi Bottle$2.99
Dole Juice$2.99
Diet Pepsi Bottle$2.99
Pure Leaf Iced Tea$2.61
Mountain Dew Bottle$2.99
Nectar Juice$3.17
7up Bottle$2.99
Crush Orange Bottle$2.99
Dr. Pepper Bottle$2.99
Vitamin Water$2.99
Brisk Iced Tea Bottle$2.99
Pepsi Can$1.78
Diet Pepsi Can$1.78
Crush Orange Can$1.78
Ginger Ale Bottle$2.99
Ginger Ale Can$1.78
Mug Root Beer Bottle$2.99
Mug Root Beer$1.77

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