Popeyes Menu Menu Prices in Canada

Are you looking for the latest Popeyes menu with prices in Canada? Here is a list of all the menu items offered by this chain in Canada and their prices.

Popeyes, also known as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, is a fast-food restaurant chain originally from Louisiana that mainly sells fried chicken.

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Popeyes’ prices are comparable to that of other fried chicken restaurants such as Church’s Chicken and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In contrast to other fried chicken restaurants, Popeyes only offers mild, spicy, and very spicy chicken.

The company was founded by Al Copeland in 1972 as Chicken on the Run and sold traditional Southern-fried chicken.

In 1976, it was renamed Popeyes after Gene Hackman’s character in the movie The French Connection.

Popeyes Menu Prices in Canada

Popeye’s has always been a favourite when it comes to fast-food fried chicken, with its crispy chicken tenders and spicy Cajun offerings setting them apart from competitors like KFC or Church’s Chicken.

However, if you’re not a fan of spicy food (or don’t like having your mouth on fire for hours), you may have been at a loss for what to order at Popeye’s.

Luckily, there are plenty of options available for those who need milder options — some of which are even healthier just because they lack all that extra spice!

Below are the latest Popeyes menu prices in Canada.

Chicken combos and platters

Tenders Only (3 Piece)CAN$7.19
Tenders Only (5 Piece)CAN$11.29
Bonafide Chicken Combo (2 Piece)CAN$11.49
Bonafide Chicken Combo (3 Piece)CAN$13.49
Bonafide Chicken Combo (4 Piece)CAN$14.49
Bonafide Chicken Platter (2 Pieces)CAN$12.99
Bonafide Chicken Platter (3 Pieces)CAN$14.99
Bonafide Chicken Platter (4 Pieces)CAN$15.99
Tender Combo (3 Pieces)CAN$11.79
Tender Combo (5 Pieces)CAN$14.99
Tender Platter (3 Pieces)CAN$13.29
Tender Platter (5 Pieces)CAN$16.49
Rip N Chicken ComboCAN$10.49
Rip N Chicken PlatterCAN$12.29
Nugget Combo (8 Pieces)CAN$11.29
Nugget Combo (12 Pieces)CAN$13.99
Nugget Platter (8 Pieces)CAN$12.79
Nugget Platter (12 Pieces)CAN$15.49


10 WingsCAN$16.49
5 Wings ComboCAN$12.49
5 Wings PlatterCAN$13.99
Ghost Pepper Wings SnackCAN$9.49
Ghost Pepper Wings ComboCAN$12.79
Ghost Pepper Wings PlatterCAN$14.49

Sandwich combos and platters

Chicken SandwichCAN$7.29
Spicy Chicken SandwichCAN$7.29
Chicken Sandwich ComboCAN$11.49
Spicy Chicken Sandwich ComboCAN$11.49
Chicken Sandwich PlatterCAN$13.49
Spicy Chicken Sandwich PlatterCAN$13.49
Cajun Flounder SandwichCAN$7.49
Cajun Flounder Sandwich ComboCAN$11.99
Cajun Flounder Sandwich PlatterCAN$13.99

Seafood combos and platters

Butterfly Shrimp (8pcs)CAN$7.79
Popcorn Shrimp (1/4 lb)CAN$6.79
Cajun Fish ComboCAN$10.99
Fish & Shrimp ComboCAN$11.99
Butterfly Shrimp ComboCAN$10.99
1/4 Pound Popcorn Shrimp ComboCAN$9.99
Butterfly Shrimp PlatterCAN$12.49
1/4 Pound Popcorn Shrimp PlatterCAN$11.49
Fish & Shrimp PlatterCAN$13.49
Cajun Fish PlatterCAN$12.49
Cajun ShrimpCAN$8.29
Cajun Shrimp ComboCAN$10.49
Cajun Shrimp PlatterCAN$12.29

Chicken family meals

Bonafide Chicken Family Meal (8 pieces)CAN$31.99
Bonafide Chicken Family Meal (12 pieces)CAN$43.99
Bonafide Chicken Family Meal (16 pieces)CAN$54.99
Tender Family Meal (8 pieces)CAN$31.99
Tender Family Meal (12 pieces)CAN$43.99
Tender Family Meal (16 pieces)CAN$54.99
Bonafide Chicken Family Meal (20 pieces)CAN$61.49
Tender Family Meal (20 pieces)CAN$61.49

Chicken family box

Bonafide Chicken (8 Pieces)CAN$22.99
Bonafide Chicken (12 Pieces)CAN$30.79
Bonafide Chicken (16 Pieces)CAN$39.49
Tenders (8 Pieces)CAN$22.99
Tenders (12 Pieces)CAN$30.79
Tenders (16 Pieces)CAN$39.49
Bonafide Chicken (20 Pieces)CAN$46.99
Tenders (20 Pieces)CAN$46.99
Bonafide Chicken (24 Pieces)CAN$54.99
Tenders (24 Pieces)CAN$54.99

Signature sauces

Bayou BuffaloCAN$0.5
Blackened RanchCAN$0.5
Buttermilk RanchCAN$0.5
Cajun CocktailCAN$0.5
Honey MustardCAN$0.5
Sweet HeatCAN$0.5

Signature sides

Cajun PoutineCAN$5.69
Cajun Fries (Regular)CAN$2.49
Cajun Fries (Medium)CAN$4.49
Cajun Fries (Large)CAN$6.59
Onion Rings (Regular)CAN$2.49
Onion Rings (Medium)CAN$4.49
Onion Rings (Large)CAN$6.59
Mashed Potatoes (Regular)CAN$2.49
Mashed Potatoes (Large)CAN$6.59
Coleslaw (Regular)CAN$2.49
Coleslaw (Large)CAN$6.59
Macaroni and Cheese (Regular)CAN$2.49
Macaroni and Cheese (Large)CAN$6.59
Red Bean and Rice (Regular)CAN$2.49
Red Bean and Rice (Large)CAN$6.59
Cajun Gravy (Regular)CAN$2.29
Cajun Gravy (Large)CAN$4.79
6 BiscuitsCAN$4.99
12 BiscuitsCAN$8.29


Bottled CokeCAN$2.79
Bottled Diet CokeCAN$2.79
Bottled SpriteCAN$2.79
Bottled Ginger AleCAN$2.79
Bottled FantaCAN$2.79
Bottled Root BeerCAN$2.79
Bottled Ice TeaCAN$2.79
Bottled Orange JuiceCAN$2.79
Bottled Apple JuiceCAN$2.79
Bottled LemonadeCAN$2.79
Bottle Coke (2L)CAN$3.79
Bottle Diet Coke (2L)CAN$3.79
Bottle Ginger Ale (2L)CAN$3.79
Bottle Fanta (2L)CAN$3.79
Monster EnergyCAN$4.79
Bottled Smart WaterCAN$3.49
Bottle Dasani WaterCAN$2.79


Apple PieCAN$1.59
Strawberry Cream Cheese PieCAN$1.59
Raspberry Cheesecake Fried PieCAN$1.59
Chocolate Beignets (3 Piece)CAN$2.39
Chocolate Beignets (6 Piece)CAN$4.79
Chocolate Beignets (12 Piece)CAN$8.99