Red Swan Pizza Menu Prices Canada

Red Swan Pizza is one of the best pizza restaurants in Canada. It has an extensive menu that includes some of the most popular pizzas, salads and desserts. The menu also offers a variety of other dishes such as pasta, burgers and more.

The restaurant has a wide range of locations throughout Canada, including both large and small towns. The menu is available online at their website or at any Red Swan location.

The menu includes many different types of pizzas including personal pan pizzas, thin crust pizzas and gluten-free options as well. There are also many different toppings to choose from on each type of pizza including meats like chicken or ham; vegetables like spinach; cheeses like mozzarella; and sauces such as marinara sauce or pesto sauce.

There are also salads on the menu that include lettuce greens with tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots; fruit salads with apples or oranges in them; pasta salads with pasta noodles served in a tomato-basil dressing; chicken salads; hamburgers; fish sandwiches; veggie burgers; and desserts like ice cream cones or chocolate cake slices served with whipped cream on top!

Red Swan Pizza Menu Prices Canada

Here are the latest Red Swan Pizza Canada menu prices.


Dips (Each)

Barbeque Dip$1.05
Ranch Dip$1.05
Creamy Garlic Dip$1.05
Cheddar Chipotle Dip$1.05

Create Your Own Pizza

Create Your Own Pizza$8.20



Alternative Choices

Vegan Pizza$9.30

Popular Items

Boneless Chicken Bites$12.75

Traditional Pizza

BBQ Shrimp Pizza$12.76
Honey Garlic Chicken Pizza$12.74
Classic Roman Pizza$12.74
Canadian Classic Pizza$12.74
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$12.05
Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pizza$12.76
Philly’s Beef Pizza$12.74
Veggie Fans Pizza$12.74
BBQ Chicken Pizza$12.74
Three Cheese Spinach Pizza$12.74
Greek Pizza$12.88
Tuscan Pizza$12.74
Teriyaki Chicken Pizza$12.74
Creamy Avocado Pizza$12.74

All-Time Favorite Pizza

Double Cheese Pizza$12.26
Three Cheese Pizza$12.26
Pepperoni Mushroom Pizza$12.26
Pepperoni Bacon Pizza$11.52
Pepperoni Pizza$12.26
Hawaiian Pizza$12.26
Beef and Bacon Pizza$12.26

Gourmet Pizza

Spicy Chicken Pizza$13.38
Chicken Supreme Pizza$13.38
Picante Pizza$12.60
All Meat Pizza$12.60
Spicy Perogi Pizza$12.60
All Dressed Pizza$12.60
Italian Supreme Pizza$13.38
Meat Fans Pizza$13.40
Beef Taco Pizza$13.38
Pesto Chicken Pizza$13.38
Spicy Paneer Pizza$13.38
Sweet and Spicy Lovers Pizza$12.60
Butter Chicken Pizza$13.38
Cilantro Chili Chicken Pizza$12.60
Tandoori Chicken Pizza$13.40
Alfredo Chicken Bacon Pizza$12.60
Butter Paneer Pizza$13.38
Spicy Ginger and Cilantro Pizza$12.60
Chicken Taco Pizza$13.26
Paneer Tikka Pizza$13.38

2 For 1 Gourmet Pizza

Exotic Lovers Pizza$17.41


Chicken Wings$13.15
Potato Wedges$5.01
Bread Sticks$4.01
Cheese Sticks$6.06
Veggie Ranch Sticks$7.09
Bacon Ranch Sticks$7.09
Caesar Salad$5.01
Greek Salad$6.01
Taco Salad$7.03
Cinnamon Sticks$6.06


Nachos Regular$11.76



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