Smitty’s Menu Prices in Canada

Smitty’s is a Canadian casual dining restaurant that is best known for its breakfast and brunch dishes. The menu includes items such as Skillets and Omelettes, Pancakes and Crepes, Benedicts, Belgian Waffles and French Toast.

There is also a selection of Breakfast Extras, such as bacon, sausage and hashbrowns. For those looking for something lighter, Smitty’s offers a Garden Fresh Salad menu. The Classic Handhelds section features sandwiches, burgers and wraps.

The Dinner Favorites include entrees such as Chicken Fried Steak and Salmon with Rice. There is also a selection of Extras, such as sides and soups. For the kids, there is a Kid’s Breakfast Menu, Kid’s Lunch and Dinner Menu, as well as a Sweets menu.

Beverages include coffee, tea, juices and soda. Alcoholic beverages are also available, including beer and wine.

Smitty’s Menu Canada

This Canadian chain has been serving delicious meals for over 60 years, and its menu offers something for everyone. Skillets, omelettes, and eggs are all cooked to perfection, while their pancakes, crepes, and waffles are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Western Skillet$17.79
Meat Lover’s Skillet$18.39
Ukrainian Skillet$18.39
Omelettes and eggs
Just Two Eggs Any Style$10.49
Two Eggs Any Style$13.59
One Egg Any Style$11.49
Bacon Lovers$16.79
Big Country Breakfast$17.79
New York Steak and Eggs (8 oz)$24.09
Bacon Denver Omelette$17.29
Mushroom, Bacon, and Cheese Omelette$16.79
Spinach and Swiss Omelette$17.79
Eggs Benedict$16.79
So-Cal Benedict$17.79
Pancakes and crepes
Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes$13.59
Classic Buttermilk Pancakes$10.49
Short Stack Combo$13.59
Strawberry Crepes$14.69
Belgian waffles and french toast
Smitty’s Original Waffle$11.49
French Toast$12.59
Bacon ‘n’ Egg Combo$14.19
International Breakfast$16.79
Breakfast extras
Side Bacon$5.19
Side Sausage$5.19
Side Ham$5.19
Side Farmer Sausage$5.19
Hot Oatmeal$6.29
Toast and Jam$3.69
Add One Egg$2.09
Hash Browns$4.19
Fresh Fruit$6.29
Breakfast Poutine$3.09
Cauliflower Bites$14.69
Spinach Dip$10.49
Chicken Wings$14.69
Sweet Potato Fries$14.69
Steak Cut Onion Rings$8.39
Mozzarella Sticks$10.49
Build Your Own Combo$12.09
Garden fresh salads
Chicken Caesar Salad$31.49
Cobb Salad$16.79
Sweet Chili Chicken Salad$17.79
Classic handhelds
Lunch Combo$16.79
Traditional Clubhouse$14.69
Philly Cheese Melt$16.29
Roast Beef Dip$17.79
Chicken Tenders$16.79
Chicken Quesadilla$16.29
Classic Burger (8 oz)$16.79
Bacon Cheese Burger$14.69
Honey BBQ Burger$16.79
Ultimate Mozza Burger$17.79
Crunchy Chicken Burger$18.89
Plant-Based Burger$16.79
Dinner favorite
Fish and Chips$15.69
Penne Alfredo$14.69
Chicken parmesan$18.89
New York Steak (8 oz)$17.79
Breaded Veal Cutlets$25.19
Roast Beef$16.79
Home-Style Turkey$18.89
Salisbury Steak (6 oz)$18.89
Garden Salad$5.19
Caesar Salad$5.19
Kids breakfast menu
Kids Happy Cakes$15.69
Kids French Toast$7.29
Kids Big Brekkie$7.29
Kids lunch and dinner
Dino Nuggets$7.29
Junior Burger$8.39
Gooey Grilled Cheese$8.39
Cheezy Pizza$8.39
Classic KD$8.39
Creamy Cheesecake$6.29
Colossal Carrot Cake$5.2
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake$5.29
Turtle Cheesecake$5.29
So Good Chocolate Cake$5.29
Cinnamon Bun$4.49
Pecan Pie$4.49
Coconut Cream Pie$4.49
Apple Pie$4.49
Lemon Meringue Pie$4.49
Blueberry Pie$4.49
Canned Pepsi$3.09
Canned Diet Pepsi$3.09
Canned 7 UP$3.09
Canned Iced Tea$3.09
Minute Maid Orange Juice$3.09
Minute Maid Apple Juice$3.09
Aquafina Bottled Water$3.99
Kids Apple Juice Box$2.29
Kids Orange Juice$2.29
Beer and wine
Strongbow Canned Cider$4.49

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