St-Hubert Menu Prices in Canada

St-Hubert is a famous restaurant in Canada that serves a variety of delicious meals for families and friends. The menu includes more than 10 types of chicken, burgers, ribs, poutines, and so on.

The food is one of the reasons why people should go to St-Hubert. One can get different types of chicken such as rotisserie chicken, butter chicken, teriyaki, and many more.

The chicken is usually cooked at a low temperature to prevent the fat from melting into the meat. This method helps the meat to remain juicy.

Burgers are also one of the amazing things to try at St-Hubert. You can have beef burgers and pulled pork burgers or you can get a veggie burger.

Burgers are served with fresh vegetables with crispy onions and on top of it is the St-Hubert sauce which makes it even tastier.

St-Hubert also has ribs on its menu, which are a must-try for anyone who loves eating ribs.

The poutine is another great food item to try at this amazing restaurant. The poutine has gravy, cheese curds and fries served together in one dish which makes your mouth watering for sure!

St-Hubert is a Canadian restaurant chain that was founded in Montreal, Quebec in 1951. Since then it has grown to over 100 locations.

St-Hubert operates primarily in Quebec but also has locations in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

The restaurant specializes in chicken and ribs and is known for its rotisserie chicken, which is cooked on open-flame rotisseries for the classic taste that you can only get from St-Hubert.

St-Hubert Menu Prices in Canada

St-Hubert offers a variety of delicious food items like chicken, ribs, and other specialties that are made from fresh ingredients to provide the best quality possible to the customers.

The most popular menu item is St-Hubert Chicken, which is a rotisserie chicken served with French fries and coleslaw.

In addition to providing great food at reasonable prices, St-Hubert has also been able to create an atmosphere that encourages families and friends to gather together for memorable meals in a friendly environment.

Next time you want a delicious meal at an affordable price, try St-Hubert!

Here is the latest St-Hubert menu with prices in Canada

Combo Menu

Menus familiaux: Combo (poulet et côtes levées)Price
Quart de poulet poitrine et demi-côtes levées / Quarter Chicken Breast & Half Rack of Ribs$25.75
Demi-côtes levées et cuisse / Half Rack of Ribs & Leg$23.75
Demi-côtes levées de porc et cuisse piri-piri / Half Rack of Pork Ribs and Piri-Piri Chicken Leg$25.25
Demi-côtes levées de porc et poitrine piri-piri / Half Rack of Pork Ribs and Piri-Piri Chicken Breast$27.25

Chicken Menu

Poulet / ChickenPrice
Cuisse de poulet / Chicken Leg$13.75
Poitrine de poulet / Chicken Breast$15.95
Cuisse de poulet piri-piri / Piri-Piri Chicken Leg$15.25
Poitrine de poulet piri-piri / Piri-Piri Chicken Breast$17.45
Double cuisse / Double Leg$16.75
Double cuisse piri-piri / Piri-Piri Double Leg$18.25
Demi-Poulet / Half Chicken$18.75
Demi-Poulet piri-piri / Piri-Piri Half Chicken$20.25

Chicken Breast Fillets Menu

Filets de poitrine / Chicken Breast FilletsPrice
3 Filets de poitrine de poulet croustillants / 3 Crispy Chicken Breast Fillets$13.50
4 Filets de poitrine de poulet croustillants / 4 Crispy Chicken Breast Fillets$15.00
6 Filets de poitrine de poulet croustillants / 6 Crispy Chicken Breast Fillets$18.00

Ribs Menu

Côtes levées / RibsPrice
Demi-côtes levées / Half Rack of Ribs$18.95
Côtes levées entières / Full Rack of Ribs$27.95

Fish Menu

Poisson / FishPrice
Fish & Chips$18.00

Sandwiches Menu

Sandwichs / SandwichesPrice
St-Burger / St-Burger$15.50
St-Burger piri-piri / Piri-Piri St-Burger$16.00
Club sandwich (viande brune) / Club Sandwich (Dark Meat)$14.25
Club sandwich (viande blanche) / Club Sandwich (White Meat)$15.75
Wrap St-hubert aux filets croustillants / St-Hubert Wrap with Crispy Chicken Fillets$14.45
Wrap St-hubert à la poitrine grillée / St-Hubert Grilled Chicken Breast Wrap$14.45
Hot Chicken (viande blanche) / Hot Chicken (White Meat)$13.25
Hot Chicken (viande brune) / Hot Chicken (Dark Meat)$11.75
Club burger à la poitrine de poulet croustillante / Club Burger with Crispy Chicken Breast$15.50
Club burger à la poitrine de poulet grillée / Club Burger with Grilled Chicken Breast$15.50

Poutines Menu

Poutine St-Hubert / St-Hubert Poutine$14.70

Meal Salad Menu

Salade-repas / Meal SaladPrice
Salade Bangkok avec Filets de Poulet Croustillants / Bangkok Salad with Grilled Chicken$17.00
Salade Bangkok avec Poitrine de Poulet Grillée / Bangkok Salad$17.00
Salade César St-Hubert / St-Hubert Caesar Salad$16.75

Appetizers Menu

Entrées (pour une personne) / Appetizers (For 1)Price
4 Bâtonnets de Fromage / 4 Cheese Sticks$5.75
8 Bâtonnets de Fromage / 8 Cheese Sticks$10.25
Salade César St-Hubert / St-Hubert Caesar Salad$5.75
6 Ailes de Poulet / 6 Chicken Wings$8.00
Soupe Poulet et Nouilles / Chicken Noodle Soup$4.25
Soupe à la crème de poulet / Cream of Chicken Soup$4.25

Appetizers (To Share) Menu

Entrées (à partager) / Appetizers (To Share)Price
12 Ailes de Poulet / 12 Chicken Wings$15.00
16 Ailes de Poulet / 16 Chicken Wings$17.00
24 Ailes de Poulet / 24 Chicken Wings$21.75
8 Bâtonnets de Fromage / 8 Cheese Sticks$10.25

Soups Menu

Soupes / SoupsPrice
Crème de Poulet / Cream of Chicken Soup$4.25
Soupe Poulet et Nouilles / Chicken Noodle Soup$4.25

Side Dishes Menu

Accompagnement / Side DishesPrice
Frites extra – portion individuelle / Extra French Fries – Single-Serving Portion$2.00
Frites extra – portion familiale / Extra French Fries – Family Size Portion$5.50
Riz aux Grains en extra / Extra Mixed-Grain Rice$2.00
Petits Pains en extra / Extra Buns$1.25

Coleslaw Menu

Salade de Chou / ColeslawPrice
Salade de chou crémeuse – portion individuelle / Creamy cabbage salad – single serving$2.25
Salade de chou traditionnelle portion individuelle / Traditional Cabbage Salad single serving$2.25
Salade de chou crémeuse – format familial / Creamy Coleslaw – Family Size$4.00
Salade de chou traditionnelle – format familial / Traditional Coleslaw – Family Size$4.00

Sauce Menu

Sauce Hot chicken – portion individuelle / Hot Chicken Sauce – Single Serving$2.25
Sauce Bar-B-Q – portion individuelle / Bar-B-Q Sauce – Single Serving$2.25
Sauce Hot chicken – format familial / Hot Chicken Sauce – Family Size$4.00
Sauce Bar-B-Q – format familial / Bar-B-Q Sauce – Family Size$4.00

Kid’s Menu

Menu enfants / Kid’s MenuPrice
Animalerie (Croquettes de poulet) / The Zoo (Chicken Nuggets)$7.25
Wrap-à-gogo / Wrap-A-Gogo$7.25
Le Super Héros (Haut de cuisse) / Super Hero (Chicken Thigh)$8.00
L’OVNI (sandwich de filets de poulet) / The UFO (Chicken Fillet Sandwich)$8.25

Cold Beverages Menu

Boissons froides / Cold BeveragesPrice
Coca-Cola 500ml / Coca-Cola (500ml.)$3.00
Coke Diète 500ml / Diet Coke (500ml.)$3.00
Coca-Cola Zero 500ml / Coca-Cola Zero (500ml.)$3.00
Sprite 500ml / Sprite (500ml.)$3.00
Thé Glacé Nestea 500 ml / Nestea Iced Tea (500ml.)$3.00
Eau de source Eska 500 ml / Eska Water (500ml.)$2.25
Eau gazéifiée Eska – 355 ml / Eska Sparkling Water (355ml.)$3.00
Jus d’orange Minute Maid – 450 ml / Minute Maid Orange Juice (450ml.)$3.00
Jus de pomme Minute Maid – 450 ml / Minute Maid Apple Juice (450ml.)$3.00
Jus de légumes V-8 – 354 ml / V-8 Vegetable Juice (354ml.)$3.00
Berlingot de lait 2% (200 ml) / 2% Milk (200ml.) Carton$2.25
Jus d’orange Oasis en boîte / Oasis Orange Juice Box$2.25
Jus de pomme Oasis en boîte / Oasis Apple Juice Box$2.25
Jus Oasis Passion Tropicale en boîte / Oasis Tropical Passion Juice Box$2.25

Desserts Menu

Pointe de Tarte au Sucre / Sugar Pie$4.00
Gâteau Vanillé avec Sauce Sucre à la Crème / Vanilla Cake with “Sucre À La Crème” Sauce$4.00
Sac de 12 Mini Brownies / Bag of 12 Mini Brownies$6.00
Gourde de Fruits / Fruit Pocket$2.25
Biscuit Tag on the Go / Tag on the Go Cookie$2.25

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