Sushi Shop Menu With Prices in Canada

Sushi Shop provides its customers with a wide variety of delicious and healthy sushi options. Its menu features a variety of poke bowls, nigiri, sashimi, hosomaki, and makimono, as well as a selection of unique appetizers and salads.

For those who like their sushi with a little bit of spice, they offer the monkey brain and karage chicken makis. And for those who prefer something sweeter, its spring maki and tartare makis are sure to please.

Sushi Shop also offers bento boxes and platters for those who want to share their meal with friends or family. Its desserts include a variety of traditional Japanese sweets, as well as western favourites like sushi tacos and burritos.

And for those who are looking for something to drink, they offer a wide selection of beverages, including green tea, sake, and Japanese beer.

So whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal, Sushi Shop has something for everyone.

Sushi Shop Menu Canada

Appetizers and salad
Miso Soup$4.03
Popcorn Shrimp (12 pcs)$6.84
Wakame (small)$5.69
Edamame Beans$2.24
Imperial Roll$4.54
Vegetable Tempura$6.84
Shrimp Tempura (3 pcs)$6.84
Green Salad$4.03
Poke bowls
Salmon Poke$15.24
Tuna Poke$17.54
Salmon and Tuna Poke$16.39
Lobster and Shrimp Poke$22.94
Spicy Shrimp Poke$15.53
Poke Volcano®$15.24
Chicken and Mango Poke$13.74
Veggie Poke$12.59
Poke Umami$16.39
Spicy Salmon Poke$16.68
Spicy Tuna Poke$18.98
Poke Sunrise$17.83
Poke Diablo$16.68
Hosomaki (small rolls)
Avocado Hosomaki (6 pcs)$4.54
Akanasu Hosomaki (6 pcs)$6.04
Akanasu Avocado Hosomaki (6 pcs)$6.33
Kappa Hosomaki (6 pcs)$4.31
Kappa Philly Hosomaki (6 pcs)$4.54
Syake Hosomaki (6 pcs)$6.61
Tekka Hosomaki (6 pcs)$7.47
Syake Sashimi (2 pcs)$4.54
Izumidai Sashimi (2 pcs)$4.43
Ebi Sashimi (2 pcs)$4.54
Maguro Sashimi (2 pcs)$6.84
Kunsei Syake Sashimi (2 pcs)$4.54
Syake Nigiri (2 pcs)$4.54
Seared Syake Nigiri (2 pcs)$4.54
Izumidai Nigiri (2 pcs)$4.43
Ebi Nigiri (2 pcs)$4.54
Maguro Nigiri (2 pcs)$6.84
Inari Nigiri (2 pcs)$4.54
Kunsei Syake Nigiri (2 pcs)$4.54
Maki (medium rolls)
Maki Black Mamba (8 pcs)$12.08
Maki Vancouver (8 pcs)$9.49
Maki 911 (8 pcs)$9.14
Maki Ebi (8 pcs)$7.19
Chef’s Maki (8 pcs)$10.29
Dragon Maki (8 pcs)$10.29
California Classic Maki (8 pcs)$6.84
Teriyaki Chicken Maki (8 pcs)$7.19
Maki Red Tiger (8 pcs)$11.79
Twin salmon Maki (8 pcs)$11.44
Sunkiss Maki$10.64
Sumomaki (large rolls)
Sumomaki Lion (5 pcs)$9.14
Vegetarian Sumomaki (5 pcs)$6.84
Sumomaki California (5 pcs)$7.99
Sumomaki Dynamite (5 pcs)$8.34
Sumomaki Boston (5 pcs)$7.99
Salmon Spicy Crunch Sumomaki (5 pcs)$7.99
Salmon Kamikaze Sumomaki (5 pcs)$7.99
Sumomaki Inferno® (5 pcs)$7.99
Snow Crab Sumomaki (5 pcs)$11.44
Sumomaki Rainbow (5 pcs)$10.29
Sumomaki Red-Eye (5 pcs)$9.49
Sumomaki Miami (5 pcs)$9.14
Spicy Shrimp Sumomaki (5 pcs)$7.99
Sumomaki Exotik (5 pcs)$7.99
Sumomaki Smoky® (5 pcs)$9.78
Grilled Chicken Sumomaki (5 pcs)$9.14
Sumomaki Calypso (5 pcs)$20.64
Tuna Kamikaze Sumomaki (5 pcs)$9.14
Spicy Crunch Sumomaki (Tuna) (5 pcs)$9.14
Dragon Eye Roll (5 pcs)$11.79
Philly Roll (5 pcs)$10.64
Veggie Deluxe$7.99
Blossom collection
Blossom Phoenix (6 pcs)$10.29
Salmon Truffle Blossom (5 pcs)$9.14
Sesame Tuna Blossom (5 pcs)$11.44
Teriyaki Salmon Blossom (5 pcs)$10.29
Cherry® Blossom (8 pcs)$11.44
Blossom Diablo (5 pcs)$10.64
Blossom Volcano® (5 pcs)$10.64
Blossom Mini Volcano®$6.04
Blossom Red Velvet (5 pcs)$11.44
Blossom Orange Velvet (5 pcs)$10.29
Kampai (no rice)$10.29
Temari collection
Teriyaki Bomb Temari$5.69
Crispy Lobster Temari (4 pcs)$14.38
Veggie Bomb Temari (4 pcs)$8.34
Tuna Tataki Temari (4 pcs)$9.78
Hako Sirocco (6 pcs)$10.64
Monkey brain
Monkey Brain – Salmon (4pcs)$11.44
Monkey Brain – Tuna (4pcs)$12.59
Sushi pizza
Sunrise Sushi Pizza (6 pcs)$13.74
Lobster and Co. Sushi Pizza (6 pcs)$14.89
Authentik Sushi Pizza (6 pcs)$13.74
Sushi tacos
Salmon Sushi Tacos$7.99
Tuna Sushi Tacos$9.14
Lobster Sushi Tacos$14.89
Sushi burrito
Salmon and Crab Sushi Burrito$14.89
Tuna & Salmon Sushi Burrito$16.04
Spicy Shrimp & Mango Burrito$14.89
Spicy Tuna & Mango Sushi Burrito$16.04
Salmon & Shrimp Tempura Sushi Burrito$17.19
Veggie Sushi Burrito$13.74
Karage chicken
Karaage Chicken Appetizer (6 pcs)$8.63
Karaage Chicken Meal (10 pcs)$15.53
Spring maki
Shrimp Spring Maki (2 pcs)$8.63
Salmon Spring Maki (2 pcs)$10.29
Tuna Spring Maki (2 pcs)$10.64
Lobster Spring Maki (2 pcs)$20.64
Chicken Spring Maki (2 pcs)$9.14
Veggie Spring Maki (2 pcs)$7.99
Tartare maki
Tartare Maki Salmon (4 pcs)$9.14
Tartare Maki Shrimp (4 pcs)$8.63
Tartare Maki Tuna (4 pcs)$9.77
Tuna Tartare$12.59
Salmon Tartare$11.44
Bento Poke Bomb$20.64
Bento Grilled Chicken$19.49
Bento Vegetarian$18.34
Combo A (11 pcs)$10.29
Combo B (11 pcs)$12.59
Combo C (11 pcs)$12.59
Combo D (11 pcs)$12.59
Combo E (11 pcs)$11.44
Combo F (12 pcs)$12.94
Combo G (12 pcs)$12.59
Combo H (14 pcs)$17.83
Combo I (14 pcs)$18.34
Combo J (15 pcs)$19.49
Combo K (16 pcs)$14.89
Combo L (26 pcs)$33.29
Combo N (14 pcs)$18.69
Volcano Combo (11 pcs)$17.19
Diablo Combo (11 pcs)$17.19
Salmon Lover Combo (13 pcs)$18.34
Crispy Combo$20.13
Supreme Combo$18.69
Rock Lobster Combo$21.79
Platter (40 pcs)$79.29
Platter ( 60 pcs)$88.49
Chef’s Choice (50 pcs)$67.79
Chef’s Choice (75 pcs)$91.94
Chef’s Choice (100 pcs)$120.69
Deluxe Platter – Chef’s Choice (52 pcs)$78.14
Happy Hour Platter$74.75
2 For 1$2.95
Wonton Chips$1.15
Sesame Sauce$0.86
Ponzu Sauce$0.86
Yin Yang Sauce$0.86
Spicy Light Mayo$0.86
Sweet Chili Sauce$0.86
Chocolate Sauce$0.86
Maple Fudge Sauce$0.86
Gluten-Friendly Soy Sauce$0.86
Red Masago$1.73
Orange Masago$1.73
Shrimp Tempura (1 pc)$2.24
Smoked Salmon$2.88
Soy Sauce$0.83
Japanese crab stick$1.15
Brisk Iced Tea$2.59
Soft Drinks$2.59
Pure Leaf$3.39
Home Products
Genmaicha Organic Green Tea$9.95
Tea Infuser Bottle$19.95
Tea infuser bottle & Organic Green Tea Duo$25
Soy Sauce$5.95
Sesame Sauce$6.95
Spicy Light Mayo$6.95
Set of 3 sauces$15.95
Reusable bag$0.5

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