Triple O’s Menu Prices in Canada

Are you looking for the latest Triple O’s menu with prices in Canada? Here is a list of all the menu items offered by this chain in Canada and their prices.

Triple O’s Canada is the ideal destination for burger lovers who crave delicious, affordable meals with high-quality ingredients. It offers a wide variety of mouth-watering burgers to satisfy all tastes and budgets.

From the Original Burger to the Chipotle BBQ Bacon Melt, each item on the menu is packed with flavour and priced at an affordable rate.

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The Original Burger, which comes with a beef patty and chopped lettuce on a classic sourdough bun, costs only $7.15 while more great options like the Double Double Burger—which includes two patties plus cheese, tomato relish, pickles, onion and special Triple O sauce—are offered at just $10.99.

Adding an additional 6oz Beef Patty to your burger can be done for only $1.79 or for those who want it on a Double Double Burger then it would cost just $3.58!

Whether you’re looking for something simple or saucy, Triple O’s has got you covered with their full-flavoured menu items all priced fairly so everyone can enjoy their meal without putting too big of a dent in their wallet!

Triple O’s Breakfast Menu

Breakfast ClubCAN$6.29
Original Sunny Start ComboCAN$8.99
Original Sunny StartCAN$5.29
Egg BLT CiabattaCAN$6.29
Canadian Breakfast Waffle SandwichCAN$7.49

Triple O’s Breakfast A-La-Carte

Original Sunny Start (Breakfast A-La-Carte)CAN$5.29
Breakfast Club (Breakfast A-La-Carte)CAN$6.29
Canadian Breakfast Waffle Sandwich (Breakfast A-La-Carte)CAN$7.49
Sausage CiabattaCAN$5.99
Egg BLT Ciabatta (Breakfast A-La-Carte)CAN$6.29

Triple O’s Breakfast Combos

Original Sunny Start Combo (Breakfast Combos)CAN$8.99
Breakfast Club ComboCAN$9.99
Canadian Breakfast Waffle Sandwich (Breakfast Combos)CAN$11.49
Sausage Ciabatta (Breakfast Combos)CAN$9.99
Egg BLT Ciabatta (Breakfast Combos)CAN$9.99

Triple O’s Lunch Menu

Original with Cheese Burger ComboCAN$13.99
Bacon Cheddar Burger ComboCAN$14.99
Dippin’ Chicken TendersCAN$7.49

Triple O’s Beef Burgers Menu

Original BurgerCAN$7.15
Bacon Cheddar BurgerCAN$9.29
Chipotle BBQ Bacon MeltCAN$9.29
Monty Mushroom BurgerCAN$8.79
Original with Cheese BurgerCAN$8.29
Double Double BurgerCAN$10.99
Sub 6oz Beef PattyCAN$1.79
Sub 6oz Beef Patty for Double Double BurgerCAN$3.58

Triple O’s Limited Time Offer

NEW Cajun Cod BurgerCAN$8.79
 NEW Cajun FriesCAN$4.89

Triple O’s Chicken Menu

Spicy Ultimate Crunch BurgerCAN$8.49
Chicken & WaffleCAN$10.99
Southern Buttermilk ChickenCAN$9.99
BC ChickenCAN$10.49
Dippin’ Chicken Tenders (Chicken)CAN$7.49

Triple O’s Beef Burger Combos Menu

Original Burger ComboCAN$12.65
Bacon Cheddar Burger Combo (Beef Burger Combos)CAN$14.99
Chipotle BBQ Bacon Melt ComboCAN$14.99
Monty Mushroom Burger ComboCAN$14.49
Original with Cheese Burger Combo (Beef Burger Combos)CAN$13.99
 Double Double Burger ComboCAN$16.49

Triple O’s Chicken Combos Menu

Spicy Ultimate Crunch Burger ComboCAN$13.99
Chicken & Waffle ComboCAN$16.49
Southern Buttermilk Chicken ComboCAN$15.49
BC Chicken ComboCAN$15.99
Dippin’ Chicken Tenders ComboCAN$13.29

Triple O’s Lifestyle Burger Menu

Crispy Fish BurgerCAN$8.49
Beyond OriginalCAN$9.49
Veggie BurgerCAN$6.99
Smoked Brisket BurgerCAN$9.89

Triple O’s Lifestyle Burger Combo Menu

Crispy Fish Burger ComboCAN$13.99
Fish and Chips ComboCAN$11.99
Beyond Original ComboCAN$15.49
Veggie Burger ComboCAN$12.79
Smoked Brisket Burger (Lifestyle Burger Combo)CAN$15.39

Triple O’s Sides

Garlic Parmesan FriesCAN$4.99
Sweet Potato FriesCAN$4.99
Kale Caesar SaladCAN$4.79
Onion RingsCAN$4.99
Dips (Sides)CAN$0.99
Add two CookiesCAN$1.95
 Smoked Brisket FriesCAN$6.59

Triple O’s Beverages

Fountain SodasCAN$2.59
Simply JuiceCAN$2.59
Milkshakes (Beverages)CAN$6.49
Dasani WaterCAN$2.89